Birthdays & Turkey Day Recap


Raise a hand if you're still feeling full from your Thanksgiving feast! I should probably raise both hands considering my feasting has been going on for the last 2 weeks between Kyle's and my birthday! I'm so sad that November is almost over because it's one of my favorite months of the year, but what an amazing month it's been!

Back on November 14th, my amazing hubby, Kyle turned 26. We celebrated early with his parents at one of favorite restaurants, had a little surprise dinner with friends on his actual birthday, and had a joint-celebration a few days later with friends and family! Not too shabby! We decided not to do gifts this year because we're trying to save up for a big trip, but I did at least get him 2 slices of cheesecake so he wasn't completely deprived on his big day!

My birthday was this past Wednesday, and I made a very important decision early-on that I was going to go about enjoying my birthday treats the same as I would if the next day didn't happen to be Thanksgiving! I mean, what's one extra day of good eating? I didn't have the day off completely from work, but I did have a teacher work-day and was able to leave a little early to go the gym before getting picked up by Kyle to go to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants! I got my usual, fettucini alfredo, but was really waiting for the chocolate chess pie for dessert! We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until my brother and his girlfriend, Kelly, arrived, followed by my parents and grandparents. My birthday dinner consisted of the most delicious pizza at my new favorite pizza place! It was a very fabulous birthday!

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to head to Wake Forest for the Gobbler Run that Kyle and some of my other family members were participating in! We all sported our Clan McLeod shirts and had so much fun cheering each other on! We spent the rest of Thanksgiving at my Peyton cousins' other set of grandparents' house! They were so gracious to host all of us since my grandparents had moved to Wilmington, and we no longer had our central gathering spot! It was bittersweet to be back in Wake Forest and not be at my grandparents' old house where we have literally spent almost every holiday since I was born, but I know it's the people who make it home, and it was so great to have our whole family back together for this Thanksgiving...probably the first one in a good 7-8 years that every member has been able to be there! We had the most amazing feast full of so much love and laughter...and the traditional "press conferences" that we, the grandchildren, always have to give to update everyone on our lives!

And, as always, I am reminded of how blessed I am and how much I have to be thankful for-- the most amazing family, wonderful friends, my faith, having my basic needs met and then some, healthy families, and so, so much more.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving too!

**Side note-- I tried to upload photos to this post, but it is saying that I've reached my maximum storage limit and that I have to pay get more storage space...has anyone ever had that happen? Help, please!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving and birthday!!

  2. The photo limit thing happened to me, too, and I paid. Now I pay a small fee to Google each year.


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