Stocking Stuffers


Yay for Round 2 of the 2nd Annual These are a Few of my Favorite Things linkup! I'm linking up with EliseAprilKatie, and Zelle to share some of my all time favorite stocking stuffers.
 Kyle and I always do stockings for each other, so this is kind of a big deal to me ;) Some years we do presents, too, but most years we just do stockings, so we have this down to a science!

I now give you my all time favesies as far as stocking stuffers go. You just can't go wrong with these:

Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are a perfect place to put some of those smaller, girly items like hair ties, nail polish, lip glosses, and lotion. I am also a sucker for office-y supplies, like colored pens and stationary. Throw in a cute pair of earrings and a gift card (Starbucks, Loft, Barnes & Noble, Target, Gap--I don't turn down a gift card!) and I'm a happy camper! Oh, and let's not forget my favorite thongs (I especially have always loved the Gap body ones!), but that's an item that I maybe wouldn't open in front of all my in-laws ;)

And just throwing out a fun idea-- last Christmas with Kyle's family we each bought 2 items for everyone's stocking, which made it super fun. To give you an idea--Kyle put in gum and lottery tickets, and I bought everyone a pair of socks and I can't remember what else, but I definitely remember loving it--especially guessing who put contributed which items!

Happy stocking stuffing!

A Few of My Favorite Things


I could not be more excited to link up with some of my favorite fellow North Carolina bloggers-- EliseApril, and Zelle-- and a new blogger I'm excited to check out, Katie for the 2nd Annual These are a Few of my Favorite Things linkup!

This first week is sharing YOUR Christmas list! This was certainly easy considering I start pestering Kyle about what he's getting me for my birthday (this Friday!) and Christmas in, oh, let's say, September October! I even share a Google doc with him that has links and everything. You're welcome, Boo. ;)

So, without further ado-- a few of my favorite things...
Christmas Wish List

I've been looking for the perfect pair of booties, a new cross-body purse, and some cute athletic shoes! Throw in a blanket scarf, aztec-print cardigan, and a cute winter coat, and I'd be a happy camper!

I guess we'll see if Santa thinks I've been good this year!



Monday, why you come so soon?

Looking back at my photos from the weekend, I'm sensing a few themes...

Red-- like our outfits as we cheered on the Wolfpack and like it's finally red cup time at Starbucks

Babies-- as in, we finally got to go meet precious Anna Faith  AND we got some good Teagan-time in 

Friends-- meaning it's an automatic win when you get to catch up with a friend from high school, friends from college, and post-college friends ALL in the same day :)

And, I'm pretty sure I'd be OK if every weekend was just like this!

Friday night was super relaxing (aka jammies by 5pm & a 30 Rock marathon) because we knew we were packing a lot into our Saturday.

We were so excited to get to visit one of my high school besties, Ally, her hubby, Steve, and their beautiful baby girl, Anna Faith on Saturday morning. Anna Faith made her way into the world just three weeks ago, and I am still a little in disbelief that we're old enough to be having babies. I mean it feels like just yesterday that Ally and I were playing on our travel softball team in middle school. Time please slow down! Ally and Steve seem to be rocking this new parent thing, and Anna Faith was on her best behavior, so I got to feed her and hold her while she slept. I can't wait to get back over there for more Anna Faith time and girl talk with Ally (aka real talk) about the whole shebang. Eeek!

My parents were kind enough to share their NC State vs. GA-Tech tickets with us, and we had a fun time visiting with them at the game despite a not-so stellar performance by the pack. Poor Kyle was so not pleased.

After the game, two of my favorite college friends, Emily and Anna, dropped by a basket of goodies, which was beyond thoughtful and such a sweet surprise. Their card said, "The Best is Yet to Come," and it is truly starting to feel that way. Things are looking up, and it is such a relief that my positive thinking is starting to come more naturally again.

And, as if the day had not already been full of happy things, we got to end the evening hanging out with some of our best friends, the O'Hares. One of my favorite things about hanging out with them at night is when we get to help with Teagan's bedtime routine. We do bath, bottle, and story time, and it truly warms my heart--especially the story time, when all 4 of us do Teagan's read-aloud. It has been so much fun watching that precious little nugget grow--I can't believe she's already 8 months old!

Sunday was what Sunday usually is around our house--laundry day, grocery day, do other productive things-day, which was completely fine after such a lovely Saturday.

First of the season!
Bottle-time with Anna Faith
Kyle tried to convert Teagan to an NC State fan but her mommy & daddy wouldn't have it
Goody Basket from Anna & Em :)
I think I'm ready to quit my job and become a professional weekender. Who's with me!?

Good For The Soul


My heart is so full from a weekend that truly left me feeling restored. It was one of those weekends that I will always remember. Partly for the rare experience of being on a gated island during dead season in a house that we would never be able to afford (thanks to the kindness and generosity of family friends of Kyle's parents) and partly for the amazing steps forward that Kyle and I were able to take in our healing. For so long we've longed to feel normal again--to feel like us again. And I feel like we gained a huge piece of ourselves back this weekend. I can't even put into words what my heart was feeling, but sometimes you don't even have to put words to a feeling because your tears say it all. I cried from feeling content and full and at peace. I felt joyous and free. Kyle and I laughed. Our competitive streaks came out over Bocci on the beach and board/card games back at the house. The carefree part of me that had been so neglected was released as I bundled myself up and sat on the porch as the rain poured down, listening to my book on tape. We sipped white hot chocolate and mocha shakes far more than I'd like to admit (but not nearly enough!). I watched Serendipity, Kyle did some writing. We walked on the beach in the rain. We got super honest with each other.  And it was good for the soul. So, so good for the soul. Sometimes you just need time away from it all. Time to remember who you were. Time to acknowledge who you've become. Time to reconcile the two.

Figure Eight, you were good to us.

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