Spice up Your Super Bowl Party!


I'll be the first to admit that I mostly watch the Super Bowl for two reasons...1) there's usually a fun party to go to (with yummy food!) and 2) the commercials are entertaining! But, this year, because Kyle is such a huge Giants fan, I'm actually excited for the game! And even if I didn't have any interest whatsoever in the two teams playing this year I'd be excited for the Super Bowl because our friends, Anna and Matt, came up with an amazing way to spice it up...and it involves MONEY...more specifically winning MONEY! And no, it's not called placing bets!

Here's how the game works...

1.) Everyone brings 10-15 dollar bills
2.) There's a bucket that gets passed around for each play.
3.) When the bucket comes to you, you put 1 of your dollars in
4.) If either team scores on the play, you get to take ALL of the money from the bucket
5.) You pass the bucket to the next person for the next play, and they do the same thing!

I've never done this before, but I'm super excited to try! I think it will definitely help keep everyone's interest in the game and be lots of fun! And, who knows! Maybe Kyle or I will get lucky and make some mula!

And, maybe if the Giants lose, the blow can be softened by some extra cash in our pockets!

PS- Kyle is being SO adorable...he has his lucky Giants tumbler that he is refusing to let me touch this week because he swears that as soon as he filled it up one game that the Giants scored! He's being so superstitious, and is even going to bring the tumbler to the party...So hilarious!

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  1. I'm a huge Patriots fan, so I am really excited about the game! What's funny is that I'm the same way with my Patriots tumbler. I have to drink out of it during every game. It brings them good luck, haha! That game sounds fun! Good luck!

  2. That game sounds REALLY fun!! Hope you have fun "watching football", more like eating yummy food and being with people you love :] haha

  3. Have fun enjoying the game on Sunday (and eating yummy food:))!! I just now realized you are doing a giveaway...where have I been!?!

  4. Great idea, hope you get lots of cash, us teachers need it...!

  5. That game sounds SO fun! I'm going to a Superbowl party in Indy this weekend so I may have to suggest this game!

  6. I've never played this for a big game... sounds like a great idea! Food and game make football way more fun :)

  7. that sounds fun! we're not even doing anything for the superbowl this year. lame.

  8. This sounds so fun!! What a great idea.

  9. That sounds soooo much fun! And would give me something to do while watching the game, haha! I agree that I get excited for the game because of the food & commercials. Hope you have a great time.


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