Heart Day Shenanigans!


I just love Valentine's Day! I especially love Valentine's Day at school because all the kiddies are just buzzing with excitement, and I always try to plan activities that relate to whatever activity we're doing...it's just a super fun day! I don't even make my students wait to pass out their Valentines...as soon as they walk in the door, it is pure madness  organized chaos! I totally dressed for the part yesterday, sporting my new TOMS with baby pink hearts (love, love, love them!) and my heart headband! I tell ya, that's why I became a teacher...love the excuse to dress silly!

I'm so lucky that my TA likes to dress up too! Heart Mrs. W!
Love my lil' heart TOMS!

After an hour of grad class that seemed like it would NEVER end, I was finally able to hurry home to my Valentine, and I walked in the door to find this precious sight...

 Kyle did it up for our dinner! First time we used our china!

We had a delicious meal cooked by Kyle, including steak with his special marinade, pancetta-wrapped asparagus, and the most amazing potato au gratin with rosemary pie...I die!

I am SO posting this recipe soon!

I told you guys that I had found some of our old Valentines from when we were first dating in high school...it was so much fun to take a little trip down memory lane! We tried to remember all of our Valentine's days together, but this one was number 9, so that's a lot to try to remember! At least we remember the most important one...our first one together which was the first time we said "I love you" to each other! Some of the Valentines are super cheesy but in a cute, puppy love kind of way! It appears that we used to like to do scavenger hunts for each other...here are some of my favorites!
First V-day...my first clue for him!
 I did not write this poem!
 Even on our first Kyle knew I loved gifts!
Oh my! I cannot believe I did this...this is from Senior Year!

 This is my favorite from Kyle...all my SATC fans know exactly what this means!

I have to say, it was one of my favorite Valentine's Days...probably because it wasn't all glitzy and glamourous...just a nice home-cooked meal and relaxing evening with my love! Happy sigh :)

Hope everyone had a day full of LOVE yesterday! 


  1. OMG, we watched Sex and the City on Vday! haha

    Looks like an awesome heart day to me :)

  2. This is so sweet :) What a perfect sight to come home to! Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!
    xo Heather

  3. Aw, all of your cards are so sweet! It looks like the perfect Valentines Day!

  4. looks like a great valentines day, i love it when my man cooks for me. and i love your toms!

  5. Love those Toms!! So sweet of Kyle!! Perfect :) I am so glad you all had a great Valentine's Day! Happy 9th one ;)

  6. adorable that you have all of your valentines from the past years!!! sounds like a fun day! I went to an elementary school on valentines to observe and the kids were SO hyped up on valentines. It was a blast :)

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I love your TOMS! So cute! Looks like Kyle did a great job! :)

    Awwww I love reading old Valentine cards. I love the SATC one. Now that's a sweet man!

  8. You two are adorable!! LOVE your new Toms!!

  9. love your toms and your vday hearts!! so festive for the holiday!

  10. Aww this makes my heart happy!!!!!!


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