Fab 5 Friday!


I think I've come to terms with the fact that on Fridays the only type of post I can muster up the energy or creativity to write is going to have to be from a link up in which I am told exactly what to write about!
Hence my decision to do my first Fab 5 Friday link-up with Crystal and Emmalee!

This week's Fab 5 has to do with the 5 products or items that helped you make it through your week. Well, I can tell ya, it was one crazy week, so I shouldn't have any trouble thinking of things that helped me get through it!

Let's see...

1. Google Talk-- this amazing feature helps me get through just about EVERY week because it's a super easy way for me to communicate with Kyle throughout the day! We're not allowed to be on our cell-phones at school, which I totally understand, but this let's Kyle and me just quickly say "hey" while I'm on my lunch break! I also love that I can be on Google Chat during grad class and still totally be tuned in! I'll be having a convo with Kyle, one of my bff's, Ash, and other teacher friends all the while looking like I'm taking really good notes...which I'm certainly not! Shame on me!

2. Wholly Guacamole 100-Calorie Packs-- I LOVE guacamole, and I especially love the brand Wholly Guacamole. But, it was always frustrating because I'm the only one who eats it but the packs were so large, and I never even put a dent in them before they started turning brown! That's why I was super stoked when Valerie posted about the fact that they now have 100-calorie packs! I ran right out to the grocery store and stocked up! Even better, they were on sale! Woo-hoo! I take one to school every day for my snack.  So yummy!

3. Roses from my Valentine-- Who doesn't like flowers!? And, I've heard having fresh flowers in your house helps boost happiness! It was definitely nice to come home to these pretty roses from Kyle on Tuesday!

4. My Uggs-- Say what you will about Uggs (I feel like people either love them or think they're absolutely hideous), there's no denying the fact that they are extremely comfortable and extremely warm! We had a huge drop in temperature earlier in the week, and when you're forced to stand out at car-line at the end of the day (or if you have to cover recess), you're going to want some warmth on your feetsies!

5. My Camelback Water Bottle-- I take one of these with my every day, and I have never been happier with a water bottle! I love that I can leave it on my desk or near my computer and know it's totally OK if one of my students accidentally knocks it over (you'd be surprised by how often this happens!). I like how easily it fits into cupholders and tote bags and how durable it is! If we're being honest here, I have to admit that I actually have about 7 of these...1 for every day of the week! Love, love, love them!

OK, so I know none of these are really hot, new products/items, but this is what came to mind so work with me! 

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. People who hate on Uggs so much have obbbbviously never owned a pair! They are comfortable, warm, an beautiful. They are like evolved Moon Boots... and who doesn't appreciate a good, vintage moon boot!? :)

  2. Yay for the Aussie Uggs!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,
    Natasha @ Five Minutes for Me

  3. I love Google Talk! We use it at the office to communicate back and forth with each other. I absolutely love Uggs! They are so comfortable and warm. Gorgeous flowers! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love guacamole... I want to try to make some homemade this week. we'll see how it goes :)

  5. I need to try this Wholly Guacamole! I love me some guac, but always end up wasting some if I buy a bigger size. Fantastic idea!

  6. omgggg 100 calorie guacamole?! I need thisssss!!!

  7. I loooove my Camel Back bottles, too!

  8. So glad you are loving the guac! I need to go get some more! :) & I don't think I'd survive without my camelback! :)

  9. I am definitely going to have to check out those 100 calorie guacamole packs!!! What a fantastic idea!

  10. Thank you so much for participating in our link-up! :)

  11. i need to try those 100 calorie packs. i LOVEEE guacamole! and i definitely want to try one of those water bottles, too.


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