Weekend Recap


2 things...where did the weekend go and what on earth happened to the weather!? How is it already Monday evening and why am I having to pull back out the gloves? Kyle and I rolled into Wilmington on Saturday expecting the outside temp to match the beautiful sun-shiny day, but we were shocked by how frigid it got in just a matter of minutes! Get here soon, Spring!

We had a nice little weekend getting to visit both families! We decided to head home on Saturday instead of rushing out of town on Friday after work, and I can honestly say it made all the difference in the world! We got a little Friday night to ourselves and got good family time in, so I say it was a win-win!

Don't want to fight the Friday afternoon traffic, why not head to Tyler's...
Beer for Kyle, Diet Coke for me, Nachos for all!
We had lunch at my grandparents' retirement community on Saturday, and my parents joined! It's so nice to see the life they've made there and how active they've become! Picture this...they participated in a "Rock-a-Thon" for Heart Health...and yes, the rocking part would be the kind that's done in a chair! Too cute! My grandparents also showed us where they had donated money for a heart for all of their children, grandchildren, and deceased family members! They are just the absolute sweetest!

All of the hearts for us!
I got to spend some girl-time with my momma, which was so needed, and Kyle and I joined his parents at his Dad's church for a party for our friends Stephen and Abigail! Stephen is Kyle's dad's assistant priest, and he got married in January. Kyle's parents and some other couples from the church offered to throw them a post-wedding reception in Wilmington with the congregation so that they didn't feel so much pressure to invite the whole church to the wedding...that would be SO many people! It was a nice little gathering, and we had a fabulous dinner afterwards with some of their family friends! Too fun!

We hit the road earlier on Sunday to try to take care of business before the busy week! It was a great weekend, but like them all, wayyyyyyyy too short!

I'm super pumped for Valentine's Day tomorrow! I found these cute Valentines online...cheap, easy, and totally perfect for 3rd graders because they're not too cheesy!

I can't wait for my post tomorrow...let's just say I dug through some old Valentines from Kyle circa 2003!

And, I am SO excited about the Essie 2012 Spring nail polish giveaway going on over at My Haute Habit! She is giving away the complete new Spring collection...oh my!!! Go check it out!

Don't forget to watch The Bachelor tonight (if you haven't given up on it yet!)!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Those nachos look delicious! Yum!

  2. Your valentines are ADORABLE! Hope the kiddos love them!

  3. Your class will love those Valentine's! :)

  4. Your grandparents seem so sweet! And I love those valentine's that you made your kiddos :)

  5. Cute vday cards! My husband just git spongebob ones for his class ;)

  6. I am glad you had such a wonderful time, are those your grandparents in the picture? They look adorable :)
    And I love the cards you made for your students, it's so thoughtful and sweet of you!

    By the way, could you please follow me back? Thanks in advance :)



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