Personalized Cards...Just in time for Valentines Day!


I don't know about you guys but I sometimes find it terribly mind-numbing to pick out a card at stores where there are racks and racks of cards with so many options to choose from. Not to mention I'll find one that has the look I want but the message is weird or vice-versa! So I was super stoked to here from a friend about because it allows you to personalize your cards and the messages inside them! And, they have great prices and are always offering a coupon for a free one or a discount code! It's ah-mazing!

After I got my first card done for free, I got a coupon code to get my entire purchase for 40% off, so I decided to take care of some of the more important cards for the rest of the year! I did all of the cards I'd need for Kyle, my parents, and I even threw in my college bff, Beeb's, wedding card (I totally wish I could show this one, but it will have to wait!).

Take a look at a few I've done...
Mother's Day card!
Dad's birthday!
And my favorite...                                         
Kyle's Valentines Day card! (Check out those tats)

I love that you can use your own photos and create your own messages! You pick the fonts, the colors, everything! I'm all about the personal touches when it comes to gifts and cards, and what better way to personalize something than this!

Happy Card-Designing! And, if you hurry, you may even be able to sneak one in before Valentine's day...they have super quick shipping!


  1. Aww these are so cute! Might just have to try this :)
    xo Heather

  2. I am loving these! Thanks so much for posting! I'm so excited to check their site out!

  3. I got a personalized Vday card for my husband this year! I can't wait to give it to him :)

  4. These are so cute! I love the one of you and your mom! What a great idea! I Need to check this website out!

  5. These are amazing! I definitely need to make some cards!

  6. Ok. I'm obsessed with your blog design!! The cards are adorb! :) Make sure to check out my page @

    Have A great Weekend!
    Best Wishes from Classic+Glam


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