Y'all, I've gotta get on this studying thing. I have to take the Reading Specialist Praxis on Friday (as in 4 days from now), and this is the test that decides whether I get my pay raise master's license for next year. Pretty big deal. So, I'm putting myself on internet/TV probation effective immediately following the Bachelor...haha! No lie, as I finished typing that my TV went completely black and The Bachelor disappeared AND Kyle came up to help me fix the TV and admitted that he accidentally deleted Biggest Loser...perhaps my probation is effective immediately?

Since I won't be blogging until that Praxis is done-zo, I'll leave you with a few ridiculous pics from our weekend getaway to Atlantic Beach with my parents.

Word to the wise, don't even attempt to go anywhere near a busy commuter highway on a Friday when it's calling for a "wintry mix"and you live in the south where people can't drive in the snow.

1 hour & 30 minutes to go 8 miles.

3 hour trip turned into a 6 hour trip.

Not my ideal way to start off my weekend!

Yes, the furry hood was, in fact, needed for this journey.
Before the roads got so nasty & traffic went into standstill mode.
Hanging out with this jokester was worth the miserable drive! FYI, he totally hates UNC.  He will never forgive me for going to college there! Lucky for him, the wolfpack beat up on my tarheels this weekend :(

Love my boo.
Sweet, sweet mama. Heart hugs :)
Cute general store! Digging the small-town "deserted for the winter" feel of the town!
Most delicious dinner...
in the most adorable house!
Despite the treacherous journey to get there, we had the best weekend! Good, quality family time combined with delicious meals, browsing the cute shops, playing games, and watching movies equals my favorite kind of weekend.

At least my long week of studying follows an amazing weekend and ends with another exciting one. More details to come!

Wish me luck with my studying!

Wise Words from a Wise Man


Wise words from one of the most amazing men to walk this earth.

Want more?

‎"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - MLKJ

He sure was onto something!

Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day, everyone!



Confession time. One member of our household has a new addition to their body... of the ink sort, and it's not me!

Kyle had been wanting a tattoo for a while, but he didn't just want a tattoo to get a tattoo--he had something very specific in mind. He really wanted to get our wedding date tattooed on his ring finger. I can't remember when he started talking about it, but I know he had been wanting to do it for a while-- at least a year.

 I honestly was opposed at first. I personally am still undecided on how I feel about tattoos on my husband (not to mention could never personally get one due to my phobia of needles!), but please don't mistake that for judgment of anyone who has one! I think everyone has a right to express themselves in whatever way they choose as long as it's not harming anyone else!

Still, I wasn't sure how I felt about Kyle getting one. I mean, those things are forever! But, he kept talking about it, and I could tell that he had really thought it through and that it would mean a lot to him to have my support.

And when he mentioned doing it on our drive back home after Christmas, I was surprisingly OK with it. And by OK, I mean I gave my blessing and told him I'd be excited to see it when he got home! As much as I would've liked to have gone with, I'm pretty sure we didn't need to distract the artist with me passing out.

So, he went.

Kyle ended up not being able to get our wedding date because apparently its hard for the ink to settle with small numbers (especially on the hand), and it might have faded away.

Onto Plan B...was there a plan B? I don't know! We certainly didn't discuss a plan B.

Luckily, Plan B ended up being better than Plan A in my book.

What was Plan B?

Infinity Symbol
And, I think I kinda like it. Maybe I even think it's kind of hot ;)

But, I most definitely think that I can't argue with the meaning behind it!

It was bound to happen...


Meet my BFF's who have kept me company all weekend long...

I know, I know, you're all super jealous! My weekend was spent doing a whole lotta resting and trying to kick this whole sick thing to the curb. We've had so many nasty viruses and infections floating around our school since before break, and just when I was secretly high-fiving my immune system for being amaze-balls, it decides to crumble :(

I'm home from work today because I had a fever yesterday and the energy of a slug...not to mention my throat feels like it's on fire.

I made a list of all the things that I should try to accomplish with my extra free time today.

1. Finally write the recommendation letter for my volunteer from the university who helped out in my class last semester

2. Schedule some appointments

3. Study for the praxis

4. Do some laundry or really any cleaning

5. Plan my teaching for the rest of the week

Here's what I've actually accomplished:

1. Watched Live From the Red Carpet from last night's Golden Globes. Love me some Giuliana!

2. Watched last night's Downton Abbey...I'm hooked after 2 episodes!

3. Played some Ruzzle on my phone.

4. Ordered some yoga pants from Old Navy...40% off until Wednesday AND they have petites! Double score!

Here's what's on deck for the rest of the day:

1. Watch Magic Mike...yes, this is what my husband picked out for me at the Red Box last night...I am one lucky gal!

Not too shabby for a Monday...other than this whole "I cough every 5 seconds" thing!

Hope your weeks are off to a better start!

I Can't Stop Watching!


Why, why, why did Monday nights all of a sudden become slammed with so many ridiculous shows that I just can't stop watching!?

I mean, Mondays have always been for Bachelor, and then Real Housewives of Beverly Hills became a Monday night fixture, but now we've got Biggest Loser! And, Kyle and I finally got caught up on How I Met Your Mother, which is also on Monday nights. Pretty much, this means that my DVR is going to be going on overload! #firstworldproblems

So, let's discuss last nights television shenanigans...

Starting with the Bachelor. Oh, Bachelor. How I have seen you go increasingly downhill in the quality of candidates you are attracting, yet I cannot give you up! I think they must have some sort of 50-50 rule. You know, where 50% of the girls they bring on are super sweet, normal, good catches who are genuinely looking for love, like my favorites from last night...

Diana...seemed sweet, and I'm always a sucker for the single mamas!
Kacie B...heart hug this girl! cute, but also a youngin'!
And 50% of the girls who have absolutely no shame...and there's no need to even picture those girls...if you watch, you know exactly who I'm talking about, cough cough "50 Shades of Grey girl."

Confession-- It's slightly upsetting that when I started watching this show, I was in high school and the girls seemed so old to me, and now, many of them are my age or younger! Yikes! This is so not OK with me!

Also, please tell me I'm not the only one who thought it was so incredibly awkward when Sean and Arie had their little "chat?" So incredibly uncomfortable! So incredibly staged! ABC is lucky I was a huge Arie fan last season or they might have lost my viewership after that mess of a 10 minutes!

Anyhow, as usual I'm torn between being super pumped and super scared to watch what will sure to be the most dramatic season yet

And then there's Biggest Loser

Happy sigh. 

Jillian Michaels & Bob Harper...I will love you guys forever! I'm so glad Jillian is back for this season. Not that I'm not seeing enough of her these days now that I've started back 30 Day Shred...she's a beast!

There's nothing like watching this show to make you wanna hop your booty on the treadmill!

And, I must say that watching this show is so much more fun when you're eating chicken & broccoli for your dinner as opposed to Mexican take-out. High fives to us!

I love this season for the same reason I love all of the seasons. It's nice to see people making positive, healthy changes in their lives, and it's also nice to get to share in their journeys. I cry almost every episode. Lame, I know! 

Also, I am so pumped that they've chosen 3 youth ambassadors to be apart of the show. As a teacher, I see some of the self-esteem issues young ones have about their weight, even at 9-years old. I also see some of the extremely unhealthy habits they have. I do feel like we have a responsibility to our young ones to help them learn healthy habits, and I love that Biggest Loser is tackling that this season too!

So, just in case you're looking for a little less productivity in your life, now you have 2 more shows to add to your viewing schedule! And we didn't even touch on RHOBH or HIMYM!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Going out with a bang!


I know that I said that I wasn't really making resolutions this year, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to strive to be healthier this year and make some lifestyle changes, especially as I learn more and more about clean-eating! I am not committing myself to anything crazy just yet, but one commitment I did make to myself was that I was going to really try to start making some changes, but I didn't want to try to take on too much during my first week back to teaching from the break. Which brings me to January 7th...tomorrow...the day that this girl needs to learn the power of "saying no" to every sweet craving I have and of "saying yes" to more Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shredding and vegetables!

Which is why I agreed to go with Kyle to this amazing new biscuit/donut shop near our houses called Rise this morning as my "going out" meal! That totally makes sense to pre-game your healthy lifestyle change with a total caloric nightmare. Totally.

We had heard good things about this place from a friend, and that was before Rise got recognized in Indie Weekly as having the best biscuits and donuts in the Triangle! So, with all of the buzz this place has been getting I don't know why I was expecting to be able to waltz right in at 9:45 on a Sunday morning!

After my dear hubby so ridiculously kindly passed up the parking spot directly in front of the place and instead opted to park ourselves 4 rows out (idk...y'all!?), we shoved out way through the sea of people crammed inside to grab our number...55...and heard them call to take #28's order.

We waited it out for a little while but eventually opted to just get some donuts to-go, and even though we were sad to not get a biscuit, we'll make it happen one day...
We amazingly made it home with the box still untouched...see, I do have will-power!
Maple-Bacon, Oreo, & Chocolate Icing...I'd like to say we didn't eat them all today, but it'd be a lie! #noshameinourgame
Let's just say that the donuts were 100% worth the wait and earned their stellar reputation in Indie Weekly!

Out with a bang, my friends!

The 9 Year-Old Me vs. The Rational Me


I'm going to try to make this a more light-hearted post despite the fact that deep down, the topic makes me super sad. You see, one thing that I was really looking forward to in 2013 was my brother's engagement. He's had the ring for months and had been waiting for the spring to pop the question to his amazing girlfriend. They'd been together with a few bumps in the road for what feels like forever, and I really thought when they got back together about a year-and-a-half ago that it was for real. Like meant to be. Like you can't go through a saga like theirs and not have a happy ending.
But, on New Years Eve while we were all celebrating with friends and loved ones, he was getting his heart broken. And while that is certainly not my story to tell, the way that I'm feeling about it is fair game for this dear blog of mine. Safe space and all!

So, I have to be honest. I've had some thoughts regarding this break-up and B's ex that I'm not exactly proud of...which is why we're going to play a little game called "The 9 Year-Old Me vs. the Rational Me!" Should be a blast, right!?

The 9-Year-Old Me wants to go all sister-bear and call her up to say a few choice words, making sure to highlighting all of the reasons why B is better off without her anyways (even if I'd be lying because I personally thought they were an amazing couple).

The Rational Me knows that deep down, if I did call her, I'd probably end up crying with her over the sadness of the breakup. I know she's hurting too, and I can't fault her for being honest with her feelings. I can't make her love him the way he deserves and neither can he.

The 9-Year-Old Me wanted to keep her Christmas present from my cousins that she's yet to claim. Up until yesterday it was sitting ever-so temptingly in our living room. I even texted my cousin, Kat, to see what it was...just in case! I mean, she probably didn't want that scarf and necklace anyways!

The Rational Me gave in (reluctantly) when Kyle and my brother convinced me that it would be a nice gesture to get the present to her.

The 9-Year-Old Me wants B to take tons of pics with random girls and put them on facebook, just to make her jealous! That'll show her, right!?

The Rational Me recognizes that while it may be OK to feel this way, doing something to intentionally cause pain probably isn't the best plan at the end of the day. And, she deleted her facebook account anyways, so she wouldn't see them anyways!

Can we still be friends? I promise I usually don't listen to the 9 Year-Old Me!

In all seriousness, break-ups are never easy. Whether you're the one doing the breaking up, the one being broken up with, or just the people on the outside, watching your loved one in either position. I'm praying for peace with their decisions moving forward for both my brother and her.

Hopefully, 2013 will be a good year for both of them, even if it hasn't gotten off to the best start!

The Best is Yet to Come!


It sounds super corny to say, but I have a sneaking suspicion that 2013 is going to be a great year for me! The latter half of 2012 was tough on me. Like the kind of tough that makes you question your life's path and your inner strength.

But, I feel like I've grown so much as a person, and learned so much about myself and the type of attitude I want to have in this life.

You see, happiness is a choice. And maybe you already knew that...I'm sometimes a little slow on the uptake! But for me, that is the lesson I'm taking into 2013. I choose happiness, despite the circumstances of what's happening around me.

Exhibit A-- Today, instead of being a groucho because we had to go back to school after a significantly shorter winter break and the fact that I got zero sleep last night, I put my big girl pants on and greeted my kiddos with the biggest of smiles and hugs all around! And we had the best best day back from any break ever in all of my 3.5 years of teaching (and if you knew my class, you'd know what a big deal this is!).

So, instead of setting goals or listing off resolutions I'm not sure I'll keep, I plan to spend 2013 focusing on this seemingly simple, yet sometimes completely complicated choice!

I choose happiness!
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