Y'all, I've gotta get on this studying thing. I have to take the Reading Specialist Praxis on Friday (as in 4 days from now), and this is the test that decides whether I get my pay raise master's license for next year. Pretty big deal. So, I'm putting myself on internet/TV probation effective immediately following the Bachelor...haha! No lie, as I finished typing that my TV went completely black and The Bachelor disappeared AND Kyle came up to help me fix the TV and admitted that he accidentally deleted Biggest Loser...perhaps my probation is effective immediately?

Since I won't be blogging until that Praxis is done-zo, I'll leave you with a few ridiculous pics from our weekend getaway to Atlantic Beach with my parents.

Word to the wise, don't even attempt to go anywhere near a busy commuter highway on a Friday when it's calling for a "wintry mix"and you live in the south where people can't drive in the snow.

1 hour & 30 minutes to go 8 miles.

3 hour trip turned into a 6 hour trip.

Not my ideal way to start off my weekend!

Yes, the furry hood was, in fact, needed for this journey.
Before the roads got so nasty & traffic went into standstill mode.
Hanging out with this jokester was worth the miserable drive! FYI, he totally hates UNC.  He will never forgive me for going to college there! Lucky for him, the wolfpack beat up on my tarheels this weekend :(

Love my boo.
Sweet, sweet mama. Heart hugs :)
Cute general store! Digging the small-town "deserted for the winter" feel of the town!
Most delicious dinner...
in the most adorable house!
Despite the treacherous journey to get there, we had the best weekend! Good, quality family time combined with delicious meals, browsing the cute shops, playing games, and watching movies equals my favorite kind of weekend.

At least my long week of studying follows an amazing weekend and ends with another exciting one. More details to come!

Wish me luck with my studying!


  1. oh girl, we were trapped on I40 in that weather heading west to Durham this weekend to the food truck rodeo and I thought we'd never get there. I literally hit our hotel bar before I could even make it to the room my nerves were so shot haha.

  2. Good luck, girl! You are going to be fabulous!


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