It was bound to happen...


Meet my BFF's who have kept me company all weekend long...

I know, I know, you're all super jealous! My weekend was spent doing a whole lotta resting and trying to kick this whole sick thing to the curb. We've had so many nasty viruses and infections floating around our school since before break, and just when I was secretly high-fiving my immune system for being amaze-balls, it decides to crumble :(

I'm home from work today because I had a fever yesterday and the energy of a slug...not to mention my throat feels like it's on fire.

I made a list of all the things that I should try to accomplish with my extra free time today.

1. Finally write the recommendation letter for my volunteer from the university who helped out in my class last semester

2. Schedule some appointments

3. Study for the praxis

4. Do some laundry or really any cleaning

5. Plan my teaching for the rest of the week

Here's what I've actually accomplished:

1. Watched Live From the Red Carpet from last night's Golden Globes. Love me some Giuliana!

2. Watched last night's Downton Abbey...I'm hooked after 2 episodes!

3. Played some Ruzzle on my phone.

4. Ordered some yoga pants from Old Navy...40% off until Wednesday AND they have petites! Double score!

Here's what's on deck for the rest of the day:

1. Watch Magic Mike...yes, this is what my husband picked out for me at the Red Box last night...I am one lucky gal!

Not too shabby for a Monday...other than this whole "I cough every 5 seconds" thing!

Hope your weeks are off to a better start!


  1. Feel better - I had that junk last week! And Magic Mike is BOUND to make you feel better!

  2. Feel better. I am loading up on the vitamin c to not catch any bugs from the kids!! What are you taking the praxis for ?


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