Little bit of this, little bit of that...


        It's a good thing I don't have the same commitment issues with my marriage that I do with my blog! I love, love, love blogging...but sometimes life (and shopping and t.v. and travel) gets in the way! 
        Things have been so hectic at school as I've been preparing for a big evaluation, unannounced observations and walking my babies through their practice End Of Grade tests!  That was why I was all kinds of excited for our weekend getaway to the lovely Boone! I have only been to Boone once before as a child, and I've never been much of a mountain person, but we just had to best time! Kyle's family friends lent us their mountain house (in a gated community, might I add!), and the 5 of us enjoyed a fabulous weekend of hiking, relaxing, shopping,  and playing games! We laughed wayyy too hard playing my new fav game, Things, and I even managed to throw in an old school game, Mash, while I was bored with the acc tournament and trying to annoy Kyle's brother, Ryan!  In case you are wondering, I am going to marry Patrick Dempsey, be a stylist, drive a Prius, live in a mansion in West Virginia, with 6 kids and a pet dolphin (you can thank my mother-in-law for the good hubby, job, and house!). The weekend was just what the doctor ordered!  I've always heard people talk about the mountain air, but coming off of a super stressful week, I really felt like I had my life breathed back into me!
                                                                     I heart "kissy" pics...Kyle feels differently!

                                                          They have a Kilwin's in Boone!  

     I will only climb a rock for him!

Ryan is Cah-razyyy!

                                                                    Cute mountain house!

          Coming back from that weekend was rough,  but I was excited to get another week of school under my belt as the days to spring break have been dragginggggg! 
          I experienced probably one of my proudest moments as a teacher this past week. It kills me that our school is having to redistrict some of our students because of our overcrowding. I hate that they have to pick and choose between neighborhoods, and as a teacher, I don't want to say goodbye to any of my students.  We have a really strong Hispanic community at our school that has developed over the past 3 years, and it has been so nice to see these parents start to feel really comfortable in our school. Sadly, one of their neighborhoods was being considered. I did not get to go to the school board meeting, but my principal came in to tell me the next day that one of my students had stood up at the meeting and talked in front of all those people, expressing her love for our school so much so that she broke down sobbing. When I heard this I had to fight back the tears in my eyes to think of this precious 8 year-old with such courage. I could have never done that...I don't even know if I could today. As a teacher, I am supposed to inspire my kids. But many times, it's the other way around. 
          This past weekend, Kyle and I headed over to good ole Wake Forest to visit my adorable grandparents! My friends always make fun of me for calling my grandma "Grandmother" because they think it sounds so formal! But at least I call my grandfather "Grandaddy!" That's a little more casual...right!? My Grandmother has recently broken her ankle, and my mom has been up for the last few weeks helping them out, so we decided to hit them up for a 2-in-1 visit! I really admire how devoted and selfless my mom has been throughout this whole situation, and I wanted to treat her to something special, so what better way than to pamper her with a mani-pedi/mother-daughter date...especially with this gorgeous spring weather we've been having! These toes are ready for some quality sand time next week during spring break!
             Speaking of Spring Break...can you please hurry up! I am so ready to hit up some Baltimore to see the love of my life, Beebsies, for the first time since she's been engaged! And, did I mention we'll be going into D.C. too...and to Georgetown Cupcakes from that cute show, D.C. Cupcakes! And that we'll be seeing Kyle's bff from high school and his sweet wife Lia...and that we'll stop back by my cousins' on the way home and meet their precious puppy, Captain! Anddddd maybe that I get to go to Ocracoke Island for 2 days with my fav teachers from my school! And that I get to celebrate the other love of my life, A. Stew's, bday! Whew! Good times, good times!
                            AStew and me (above) and Beebs and me (below)!
                                      I promise I have different earrings!

Have a fabulous "Bachelor-less" evening ladies!

Love in the Eyes of a 3rd Grader


I knew I was in for it when one of my students asked me to hold her mood ring. I obliged and the ring proceeded to turn dark blue.  And here's what she said. "Dark blue means romance. But don't worry, that's what mine is too" and she grinned and walked away! The best part was I overheard her talking to her friends exclaiming, "Well it would only make sense that hers is on romance. She just got married, so I'm sure she's thinking about her husband all the time!" And so began the love fest that has taken over Room 409.

As a teacher, I am privy to all kinds of top secret information. I must wear a sign on my back that says "Tell me who you like" because my girls will not stop sharing these things with me...but I certainly don't mind because I love turning it around on them and pairing them up with the boys that they like! Of course, you'll always have the ones who are like totally not into 3rd grade romance. You know, the ones who say "My mom says my Dad is the only boy I need in my life" or "My cat is my boyfriend." But those are few and far between (probably the smart ones!), and it is pretty safe to say that most of my students  have someone that gives them "smiley eyes," as some of the girls like to say!

My kiddos were all in a tizzy today because they would have to be square dancing in PE with a student of the opposite sex! No joke, the boys came back into the classroom and sanitized their hands. 

So, I thought I would share my insights on love in the eyes of nine year olds.  Get ready, might pick up some really great tips!

 Ways 9 year olds express their affection:
1.  Throwing pencils at each other
2.  Calling the person you like a "Dog"
3.  Picking up a pencil (not the one you threw) for your crush (I cracked up when one student picked up a pencil for one of my precious girls and she looked at her friend across the room and mouthed "He hearts me")
4.  Following each other around like puppy dogs
5.  Flashing your goods on the bus (I would not recommend this one because you might end up in the principal's office!)

Awkward ways to flirt:
1.  Asking the 8-year old boy you like where he wants to go to college (This happened at lunch one day, and I was like "Oh, baby girl." This kid stuffs paper towels in toilets...I'm pretty sure college is not in his vocabulary yet.)
2. Trying to tell the boys what puberty means...Yeahhhhh, no words for this one

All I can say is that I am sooo glad we don't do the Growth & Changes program in 3rd grade! I can handle crushes. I can handle poor flirting. Anything past that gets me all hot and bothered! 

Dear S


Dear S,

       I can't believe that you're gone. No one should have their life cut this short. I remember meeting you in Latin class.  You made me laugh the whole time and never did any work.  You had the craziest middle name I've ever heard in my life...Poythress...and you looked like Jay Leno must have looked when he was a teen. You were sarcastic and witty, but I know you had a soft side. You took me on my first "real date" to the jazz concert down-town.  You weaseled your way into getting me to drive you  home from school all the time, even though you lived completely out of the way.  I remember meeting your family, and loving the idea of having such a big one. I loved that you were the youngest and already had nieces and nephews. I remember talking on your dock at night, so many times. I remember begging you to take me out on your boat so I could wake board. And you finally did. And we went at sunrise.  I remember laughing uncontrollably when I was trying to get back into the boat because my upper body strength was shot. I just sat there in the water with you laughing at me until you finally pulled me up. I remember how we used to talk on the phone and joke about how we would get married one day, and we'd be rich and have a big family just like yours.  I remember how hard it was to tell you that I didn't want to date you because I knew I was hurting you, and that was the last thing I wanted to do, ever. I remember how hard it was to tell you when I started dating Kyle, even though I know it was the best choice I ever made in my life. I know that we were never close in the same way after that, and we had gone our separate ways after high school. But you were a big part of my life at one point and a very great friend of mine. Your death is so tragic and heartbreaking. Thank you for the great times, the laughs, and your friendship. You will be greatly missed.


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