I Want a Baby, But Then I...


I have moments where I really want a baby, but then I think about it, and I'm like hold up, wait a hot second here and realize that there's a reason why Kyle and I are waiting a couple more years!

But humor me as we indulge in a little game I like to call, "I really want a baby, but then I..." 

I really want a baby so I can finally produce the nursery I've already planned on Pinterest, but then I have to remind myself that Pinterest is really great about providing pinspiration but not so good about financing it!

I really want a baby so I can buy cute outfits, but then I remember that it would mean less clothes for myself...am I really ready to give up Loft!?

I really want a baby so no one else can steal my favorite baby names, but then I have to remind myself that's just not a legit reason to up and get preggo!

I really want a baby when I see my cousin Kathleen and her cute family, but then I have to remind myself that we can have that some day...it just needs to be the right time for us!

I really want a baby so I can take 6 weeks off from work, but then I think about all the sleep I'll be missing out on...it sure won't be a vacation!

I really want a baby so I can eat whatever I want and call it a "craving," but then I think about the stretch marks and other bodily changes and have a little freak out! I'm not quite ready to do that to my body!

I really want a baby because I'm excited to have a "mini-me," but then I remember that there are still some habits I have to break first...like the fact that I consider chocolate an important food group and leave my stuff all over the house!

I really want a baby so I can play peek-a-boo and push one of those cute strollers, but then I think about the days that I don't even have the energy to stop at the grocery store or would rather pay the fine on my overdue library book as opposed to just sucking it up and dropping the book off!

I really want a baby, but then I remember all of the places Kyle and I want to go and things we want to do before we take that on!

I really want a baby...ONE DAY...just not today!!


  1. I feel ya girl! I said omg me to on each one of these!

  2. You are so smart to realize this! So many women these days just simply want to have babies for the wrong reasons without actually being prepared for one. It's a tough feeling to turn away, but to be strong and say "not yet" shows such great character.

  3. When you ARE ready, two things to know:

    1. If you wait til you can afford one, you'll never have kids =)
    2. You'll get 9 months to break bad habits or build new better ones....or not =)

    Actually your mom and I mentioned this to each other this weekend, and I said, "I told La to stay on the '5 year plan'"

    Love you!! You WILL be a wonderful mother one day.

  4. This post was so cute! I am no where even near marriage (let alone a baby!), but all the baby stuff on Pinterest definitely give me baby fever haha :) I support those food groups too!

  5. I agree with you on these! Great post. I'm definitely not ready for one right now.

  6. I am right there with you on alllll of these!!!


  7. Such a great post!! Either way...when the time comes, I'm sure you and Kyle will be wonderful parents! I totally understand about Pinterest though...I feel that way over wedding planning. Lol

  8. Oh I love this! I don't want people to steal my baby names either, but its definitely NOT a legit reason!

  9. Everything just kind of falls into place when you have a baby. You won't have to worry about that much. Except day care expenses...

  10. LOVE!! I think some of those things too sometimes, then I am like 'um wake up!!' It will be on God's time, not ours or anyone elses for that matter!!

  11. no rush for sure! enjoy the time just the two of you :)

  12. Were you reading my mind??? My husband and I have this conversation about once a week and we constantly have to remind ourselves to slow down!

  13. i love this post!! so true for me as well... the most important thing is for me is to get a job right now... and then buy a house, and then we'll work on the babies... but for now, im just excited for my friends to have babies!! i don't want to be the first ;)

  14. Pinterest (and blogging) have made me want a baby. I can't wait to start my own little baby, but I'M 18! There is NO way I'm having a baby anytime soon!
    xo Heather

  15. I just found your blog, and I can totally relate to this feeling. There are some times when I really want a baby, but then there are other times where I realize that there is no way I could do that right now.



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