I saw this link up over at the fabulous Monica's blog, and thought it was hilarious! And, I just so happen to have some embarrassing old pics from the slideshow we showed at our rehearsal dinner!

Here's to a new (well, new to me...not sure how long she's been doing it!) Thursday link-up...Throwback Thursday!

So, I was all cute, ya see...

And then, I had my "phase" know, the one where your hair looks like a poof because you hadn't discovered the hair straightener, you have bangs that are equally as bad, and you make questionable choices regarding your clothing and dress up in silly outfits that you actually agree to be photographed wearing...where was my good judgment!?

Halloween...not quite the hula girls you see in Hawaii! 
Overalls...yikes! And the hair...oh my!
My hair was a little straighter when I was in pre-school/Kindergarten...but the swishy wind pants! Ahhh!
Dad always made us take pictures in the flowers at Easter...clearly I was not a fan! But let's talk about that handkerchief on my dress...I blame my Mom for this one!
I don't know what's worse...the dress up outfit, or the real one I'm wearing underneath!
My brother and I used to play "Hardees" and make my parents drive through! 
Glamour party in 5th grade...too ridiculous!
Come on, you know you have some of these photos, too! Or, at least pretend so I don't feel so ridiculous! 

Hope your Thursday is super fabulous!


  1. Hahahah LOVE these pictures! Pretty positive I had a handkerchief dress also! Haha what were our parents thinking?!?!

  2. Aww, you were too cute!! Gahh, didn't you just love those horrific dresses!? ha!

  3. Love these pictures! Great post! Hope your having a wonderful day!

  4. SO cute!!! im stopping by from Monica's blog i did throwback thursday too! your blog is so adorable, im your newest follower!

    xx Kelly

  5. omg. "children born in the late 80s who were victims of fashion in the 90s"

    You KNOW I've got some of these!

  6. I definitely had hair like that growing up! You are too cute :)

  7. Just discovered your blog and love it! I'm your newest follower! I love your throwback theme! Such a great idea! I just started my blog three weeks ago. I would love for you to check it out and follow back if you like it!


  8. How fun ! I definitely have the same photos! I can hear my mom saying "go stand in the corner and smile for the picture" Seemed to be a favorite :)


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