Manic Monday


Kyle always teases me and says that I can't multi-task to save my life, and most of the time, it's true! I always have to make him rewind our TV show because I'll be trying to blog at the same time and miss something! And gosh help me if he's trying to have a conversation with me while I'm doing something because there is about a 3% chance that I am comprehending what he's saying, let alone remembering it!

But, today, I proved to myself that there are times when I can multi-task like whoa! Let me set the stage for's 2:27pm and the bell rings at 2:30pm. It's just me with my 20 kiddos because my TA was home with her sick kiddos today. Mind you, I have to be at my "lady" doctor's appointment at 2:45.  We're packing up, doing our fancy end of the day line-up stuff, and the fire alarm goes off! I am a hot mess running around the room grabbing my stuff as well as all the crisis stuff you have to bring out (you know, that sexay fanny pack full of medical supplies!), yelling at my students to line up, and I'm shoving them out the door, when one of my students comes towards me. And he has vom all over his face. And his shirt. And his hands. And it's dripping on the floors. And there's already a big pile from where he lost it 3 feet prior to getting to me. Meanwhile the alarm is still going off (pretty deafening, if I must say!), and students are hustling outside.

And like the Super Teacher I am, I swiftly heard my students around the "mess," escort them all to safety, have the student wipe himself off with the clean part of his shirt. I arrange for my kiddos to get taken to their buses and cars with another teacher. Wait for the "all clear" announcement, and rush my student to the nurses office, not even stopping as I yell to the secretary to get the janitor on clean-up duty. Scramble to find his mom's phone number. Get someone to call. Run out and make sure my car-riders made it to the correct spot. Hop in the car, and promptly arrive at 2:50...a few minutes late, but still...crisis averted!
It was one of those days where I think to myself, if I can handle this, I can handle anything!

Just another manic Monday! Hope yours was much less crazy!


  1. Super teach for sure! What a way to start your week!!!

  2. Hahah oh my goodness, the life of a teacher! You are super teacher!

  3. Bless your heart, that's enough to put me over the edge! It's amazing how being a teacher can bring out some "super" abilities:-)

  4. La, I almost had a post with this exact title! You are amazing!! Love you.

  5. Needless to say, my monday was way less crazy. You are super teacher!


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