Dear S


Dear S,

       I can't believe that you're gone. No one should have their life cut this short. I remember meeting you in Latin class.  You made me laugh the whole time and never did any work.  You had the craziest middle name I've ever heard in my life...Poythress...and you looked like Jay Leno must have looked when he was a teen. You were sarcastic and witty, but I know you had a soft side. You took me on my first "real date" to the jazz concert down-town.  You weaseled your way into getting me to drive you  home from school all the time, even though you lived completely out of the way.  I remember meeting your family, and loving the idea of having such a big one. I loved that you were the youngest and already had nieces and nephews. I remember talking on your dock at night, so many times. I remember begging you to take me out on your boat so I could wake board. And you finally did. And we went at sunrise.  I remember laughing uncontrollably when I was trying to get back into the boat because my upper body strength was shot. I just sat there in the water with you laughing at me until you finally pulled me up. I remember how we used to talk on the phone and joke about how we would get married one day, and we'd be rich and have a big family just like yours.  I remember how hard it was to tell you that I didn't want to date you because I knew I was hurting you, and that was the last thing I wanted to do, ever. I remember how hard it was to tell you when I started dating Kyle, even though I know it was the best choice I ever made in my life. I know that we were never close in the same way after that, and we had gone our separate ways after high school. But you were a big part of my life at one point and a very great friend of mine. Your death is so tragic and heartbreaking. Thank you for the great times, the laughs, and your friendship. You will be greatly missed.




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