I Can't Stop Watching!


Why, why, why did Monday nights all of a sudden become slammed with so many ridiculous shows that I just can't stop watching!?

I mean, Mondays have always been for Bachelor, and then Real Housewives of Beverly Hills became a Monday night fixture, but now we've got Biggest Loser! And, Kyle and I finally got caught up on How I Met Your Mother, which is also on Monday nights. Pretty much, this means that my DVR is going to be going on overload! #firstworldproblems

So, let's discuss last nights television shenanigans...

Starting with the Bachelor. Oh, Bachelor. How I have seen you go increasingly downhill in the quality of candidates you are attracting, yet I cannot give you up! I think they must have some sort of 50-50 rule. You know, where 50% of the girls they bring on are super sweet, normal, good catches who are genuinely looking for love, like my favorites from last night...

Diana...seemed sweet, and I'm always a sucker for the single mamas!
Kacie B...heart hug this girl!
Desiree...so cute, but also a youngin'!
And 50% of the girls who have absolutely no shame...and there's no need to even picture those girls...if you watch, you know exactly who I'm talking about, cough cough "50 Shades of Grey girl."

Confession-- It's slightly upsetting that when I started watching this show, I was in high school and the girls seemed so old to me, and now, many of them are my age or younger! Yikes! This is so not OK with me!

Also, please tell me I'm not the only one who thought it was so incredibly awkward when Sean and Arie had their little "chat?" So incredibly uncomfortable! So incredibly staged! ABC is lucky I was a huge Arie fan last season or they might have lost my viewership after that mess of a 10 minutes!

Anyhow, as usual I'm torn between being super pumped and super scared to watch what will sure to be the most dramatic season yet

And then there's Biggest Loser

Happy sigh. 

Jillian Michaels & Bob Harper...I will love you guys forever! I'm so glad Jillian is back for this season. Not that I'm not seeing enough of her these days now that I've started back 30 Day Shred...she's a beast!

There's nothing like watching this show to make you wanna hop your booty on the treadmill!

And, I must say that watching this show is so much more fun when you're eating chicken & broccoli for your dinner as opposed to Mexican take-out. High fives to us!

I love this season for the same reason I love all of the seasons. It's nice to see people making positive, healthy changes in their lives, and it's also nice to get to share in their journeys. I cry almost every episode. Lame, I know! 

Also, I am so pumped that they've chosen 3 youth ambassadors to be apart of the show. As a teacher, I see some of the self-esteem issues young ones have about their weight, even at 9-years old. I also see some of the extremely unhealthy habits they have. I do feel like we have a responsibility to our young ones to help them learn healthy habits, and I love that Biggest Loser is tackling that this season too!

So, just in case you're looking for a little less productivity in your life, now you have 2 more shows to add to your viewing schedule! And we didn't even touch on RHOBH or HIMYM!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. i love your 50/50 rule. i am soooo glad the bachelor and biggest loser are back on! loving that jillian is back, but im not so sure about kids being on the show.

  2. I love all the girls you picked for Sean! I agree, they could just go ahead and cut to like the top 5 right now... but that'd get rid of all the drama. I can't wait to continue watching!


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