Friday's Letters


Hello, Friday! So glad you are here! It has been another super busy week, and I haven't blogged since Tuesday (insert slap on the wrist!), but I feel like I've gotten a grasp on all the work that's been stressing me out, and I am loving the free weekend I have ahead!

I'm trying a new link-up today...Friday's Letters over at Adventures of Newlyweds!

Dear Class, thank you for keeping yourselves under control while you shoved cupcakes down your throats and sang "Happy Birthday" at the top of your lungs just two seconds before the bell rang time we won't wait until 2:20 to start that celebration!

Dear Weather, please make up your mind. I cannot have this whole "snowing on Monday, 73 degrees on Friday" business. It's too confusing, and I don't know how to dress appropriately. Pick one. Preferably Spring!.

Dear Shutterfly, thank you for always offering amazing promotionals! Thanks to you I will never be short of address labels...I just can never move so they don't go to waste!

Dear Kyle, thanks for making me laugh so much before we go to bed each night and for helping me try to stay positive during this crazy semester of grad school. You make my heart smile!

Dear Ben, I'm over your season of The Bachelor. You and Courtney deserve each other. Is it time for Emily's season yet!?

Dear Precious Student, it is so sweet that you think the NBA should apply our school's "You can't say you can't play" rule and not make players sit the bench. If only you knew how the real world works...

Dear Pajamas, thanks for being right there ready for me to put on at 3:30 today...I know it's Friday, but the weather is dreary and it's been a long's definitely a movie on the couch kind of afternoon!

Dear Bloggy Friends,  I heart you all, and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. love Shutterfly! have a great weekend, Laura!

  2. A Birthday?! Yours!? Surely not. I hope you'd inform me if so! ;) The weather is crazy here, too! Yest was high 60's and today it is cold, SO WINDY, and little flurries. I was just thinking today how I don't know how to dress! Yoga pants have been my go-to! Have a fab wknd girl...enjoy it and relax!! Love you!

  3. i think this season is quite possibly the biggest fail in bachelor seasons... i cannot wait for emily's season but im concerned they'll pull some bs for ratings (like the whole bentley on ashleys season)... emily is so sweet, and i really dont want abc to screw her over and break her heart again.

  4. Love this :] The weather has been soooo bipolar lately I cant handle it! Have a relaxing weekend girl! :]

  5. The weather has been so crazy! I can't believe we went from snow to 70 degree weather this week. Crazy! I'm totally over this season of The Bachelor. Ben and Courtney are both so annoying and deserve each other. However, I imagine they'll probably annoy each other to the point where it won't last longer than a month in the real world. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Uggggh I am so over this season of the bachelor too. Not a fan of Ben and Courtney! And that story about your student is so sweet... I love the optimism of kiddos!


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