Win for Kyle, Win for me!


It was a great night the hubs and me! Giants win for Kyle and a cash win for me! I told y'all about the "pass the bucket of money game" that we were going to be playing at our friends' house during the Super Bowl! And let's just say, it was my lucky night! It started out a little slow for me, Kyle and a few others won some smaller buckets, maybe around $5-$10 on the first 3 scoring plays. But, we had a nice little period with no scoring where the bucket got nice and full, and on the first Patriots TD, the bucket was in my hands!!!  $34 dollars in my pocket! They made me do a victory dance, and I happily obliged! Kyle called it "dirty" money since it was from a Patriots score. I didn't care one bit!

And, again, on that wonderful Giants TD at the end of the game after some amazing plays by my fellow Tarheel, Hakeem Nicks, the bucket was nice and fat, and the Giants scored the winning touch down when it was in my hands! I didn't count the bucket that time, but I know there was a $20 in it and lots of singles, so I'm thinking at least as much as the first, if not more! Again, Kyle not as excited because he wanted the Giants to stall a little more and then score so that the Patriots wouldn't have a chance at all to score again! And again, I did not care! Money is money!

Luckily, the Giants pulled it out, and it was a FABULOUS night for us! We had such a good time with friends, good food, and great entertainment! A perfect way to end the weekend!

And speaking of winning, maybe I'll try to carry over my luck to dWa's from Prep in Your Step giveaway! Check it out!


  1. Awesome!! lol. Go buy yourself somethin nice!

  2. Woo hoo! good job on winning the moo-la! ;)

  3. Sounds like it was a successful night for you! :) Awesome!

  4. Ooooh congrats on your big win!!! :o) My husband was pulling for the Giants, but I had no preference, so to keep it interesting, I went for the Patriots! :o) It's always more fun for us that way!


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