Weekend Recap


Again, another Sunday night where I sit here and wonder what the heck happened to make the past 48 hours go by so quickly! At least tomorrow is a Teacher Workday, so I don't have to be ready to teach...just sit in long meetings about the Common Core...come to think of it, I'd rather be with my kiddies!

And as I was sitting here typing this I got some fabulous news...2 hour delay tomorrow! Yay for getting to sleep a little bit later tomorrow! I for sure need it!

We had a good but super busy weekend, and I am exhausted today, not to mention not feeling my best at all...I was supposed to have lunch with 2 of my college girls but had to cancel because my booty needed to spend the day laying on the couch and warding off the nasty germs floating around my classroom!

On Friday we rushed over to the bank to get our taxes done...greatttt way to start the weekend! I tell ya, I do not understand taxes and how to do them AT ALL and consider it a small miracle that I even was able to supply the correct documents! Luckily, Kyle seems more in the know, and had us all prepared for the nice man to file them for us! Oh the joys of being an adult! The good news was that we got to go meet Kyle's parents and our friends, Stephen and Abigail, for a delicious dinner at a restaurant called 18 Seaboard. I'm down for any chance to get amazing cheese grits as a side dish, and they did not disappoint! Wish I had remembered to snap a pic!

Kyle's work ended up getting tickets donated for a snazzy little box at the NC State vs. Florida State basketball game on Saturday! It was so nice and even had free food and drinks as well as a private bathroom...let's just say I could definitely get used to watching games in this way! I had two good reasons for wanting State to pull off a V-- 1) if State had won, then UNC would just be tied with Duke for first, instead of Duke and Fl. State and 2) the Wolfpack still have a big place in my heart and needed a morale booster after that devastating loss to Duke on Thursday. Unfortunately, in true State fashion, they just couldn't pull it off....soooo disappointing.

We rushed home from the game so that we could meet our friends, Anna and Matt, for tennis at the park near our neighborhoods. We ended up playing for 2 and a half hours (after walking the mile to get there!), so we were super beat when it was over. And super starving! We all decided to go grab dinner after we cleaned up a little, and ended up having to wait over an hour for our food (at least they didn't charge us for it!). Despite the annoying wait, we had such a great time with them and are feeling so blessed by this new friendship!

I knew that I was going to pay today for packing so much into yesterday, and I predicted correctly. I spent the day in my pj's on the couch. The weather outside seemed to match perfectly with the way I was feeling...dreary. Luckily, my sweet boo has been taking care of me! We may be getting some snow tonight, and I am secretly hoping it's just a false alarm...I dread driving on icy roads!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!


  1. wow, looks like you had a great weekend (besides the taxes!). And sometimes you just need a good day spent on the couch watching your favorite movies :)

  2. Enjoy sleeping in! Our district gave us tomorrow and Tuesday off!

  3. Have fun sleeping in! That is wonderful! I have no idea how to do anything with our taxes...we just turn the forms over to my dad and he works his magic. Haha!

  4. Weekends go way too fast! Looks like you had a great one :)

  5. lovely pics! and great blog!!! following you now...

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  6. 18 Seaboard is one of my fav spots in Raleigh!

  7. Confession...some times I skim through blog posts because I am in a rush or hurry, but I always take the time to read through yours for whatever reason. Lol :) Glad you had a good wknd! Sorry you were feeling crummy yest...hopefully the rest took care of it. Have a great wk girl!!

  8. Sounds like such a fun weekend with friends, even if it was exhausting!


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