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Hope everyone had a great Tuesday! I saw this Q & A Vlog on Sarah over at Simply Sarah's blog and decided this was the perfect post for today considering I have nothing substantial to write about other than the fact that I am completely overwhelmed with teaching and grad school, which is nothing new! 

Apparently the original link up is over at Shasta's and Megan's blogs and is usually on Mondays, but per usual in my life these days, I'm getting to it a little late! C'est la vie!

Warning: I have NO clue why, but the sound isn't matching up to the video, so don't look too closely or you'll get frustrated like me! Or, you could just watch the video like I'm doing now without my contacts in...then you won't be able to tell!

Now it's your turn! Just answer these questions...

Here are the questions!

1.   What is the best advice you've ever given and received?
2.   Type of music you like most?
3.   Shoe size?
4.   Who sent the last text message you received?
5.   If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
6.   Have you ever been fired or “let go”?
7.   What's under your bed?
8.   Do you believe in love at first sight?
9.   What is your middle name?
        10.   Do you think that you are a good singer?

Yay! Can't wait to see your Vlogs!


  1. This is so cute! I love it! Like you said the sound was off, so I just scrolled down and had to listen to you instead of watching as well! ;)


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