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Tonight is a HUGE night in ACC basketball! UNC vs. Duke, enough said! As a tar-heel alum, I can vouch for the fact that this is, in fact, probably one of the most heated rivalries, and I love it! Nothing will ever compare to my first experience sitting in the very top of the Dean Dome cheering on my Heels when they played Duke!
Yes, I was a Freshman who miraculously got a UNC vs. Duke ticket in the lottery!
That Blue Wall would be the top of the Dean Dome, my friends...if only you could see the view of the court...long way down!
Nothing will ever compare to running from the Dean Dome to Franklin Street when UNC beat Duke! Y'all know I have a soft spot in my heart for NC State (I spent the first 18 years of my life pulling on the Pack), but there is no such feeling for heart bleeds Carolina Blue!

So this was me today...

Ok, not really...but the big game was a big topic of conversation today considering over 50% of my school have parents who are faculty at either UNC or Duke or their hospitals!

I can't wait to watch the game tonight and hopefully have something to cheer about!

Let's GO Heels!!!!


  1. I strongly dislike Duke, so I hope y'all win!

  2. Go Tar Heels!! I've rooted for them since I was born because my dad did all because his dad did. I know you are wearing your Carolina blue tonight!

  3. There isn't many times I will cheer for UNC...if ever ;) lol, but tonight I am pulling for them! Hate those Dukey Pukey's! ;) I am a KY Wildcats fan til I die...don't get me wrong there, but I hope you all smash those pukeys!!

  4. Watching it right now btw-- so far so good :)

  5. This looks SOO FUN! I am jealous. I was watching it on TV tonight!!

  6. Sorry Laura :(

    I'm happy though! Your guys have one more chance to stick it to us in our house. I'm sure they'll fair better next time. UNC's the better team.

  7. That ending was so heartbreaking! :( Hopefully our team will do MUCH better at Cameron. Go Heels!

  8. I used to have the shirt that said "you picked the right one baby!" for UNC haha zero affiliation and I found it in the last and found at the pool but loved it nonetheless!


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