Stocking Stuffers


Yay for Round 2 of the 2nd Annual These are a Few of my Favorite Things linkup! I'm linking up with EliseAprilKatie, and Zelle to share some of my all time favorite stocking stuffers.
 Kyle and I always do stockings for each other, so this is kind of a big deal to me ;) Some years we do presents, too, but most years we just do stockings, so we have this down to a science!

I now give you my all time favesies as far as stocking stuffers go. You just can't go wrong with these:

Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are a perfect place to put some of those smaller, girly items like hair ties, nail polish, lip glosses, and lotion. I am also a sucker for office-y supplies, like colored pens and stationary. Throw in a cute pair of earrings and a gift card (Starbucks, Loft, Barnes & Noble, Target, Gap--I don't turn down a gift card!) and I'm a happy camper! Oh, and let's not forget my favorite thongs (I especially have always loved the Gap body ones!), but that's an item that I maybe wouldn't open in front of all my in-laws ;)

And just throwing out a fun idea-- last Christmas with Kyle's family we each bought 2 items for everyone's stocking, which made it super fun. To give you an idea--Kyle put in gum and lottery tickets, and I bought everyone a pair of socks and I can't remember what else, but I definitely remember loving it--especially guessing who put contributed which items!

Happy stocking stuffing!


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