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I can't believe it is already December--the countdown to Christmas is on! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and maybe took advantage of Black Friday deals to knock a few things off "Gifts to Buy" list! I know I sure did, and I didn't even step a foot into a store--thank you online shopping.

I'm linking up with with EliseAprilKatie, and Zelle for the last installment of the 2nd Annual These are a Few of my Favorite Things linkup  to share some gift ideas for friends and family (all ideas are $100 of less!).

I tried to keep my list pretty gender neutral and appealing (hopefully) to lots of different kinds of folks. To me the perfect kind of gift to get from friends or family is something that I wouldn't necessarily splurge on or justify buying for myself but is still something you'll love and get a lot of use out of. And, I reckon that's the case with lots of peeps out there!

Check it out:
Gift Ideas: Friends & Family

1. Cozy blanket/throw-- Who doesn't like to be wrapped up in something warm and soft on a cold day sipping hot cocoa on the couch? #noexplanationneeded

2.  Games-- Cards Against Humanity, Things, Scattergories, you name it. Easy gift. Lots of fun!

3. Wine Rack-- or anything wine-related, really! Classy and super practical because let's face it, every good dinner party needs good wine showcased.

4. Le Creuset Tea Kettle-- Their stuff is just so fun with all of the colors! I don't even like tea and want one! And, I know for a fact that my hubs has hinted about wanting one!

5. Tervis Tumblers-- Again, a fun yet super practical gift. Tons of different designs to appeal to just about anyone, and I especially love the sets. We got a set of 4 beach-themed ones for our wedding and love them.

6.  Passport Covers-- I never thought to have one until we traveled to Cabo this summer, and my brother and his fiancee had them. My passport looked so plain next to theirs! Not something you'd probably prioritize buying for yourself but would love if you got it as a present!

7. DVD Series-- I know with Netflix getting a series on DVD is becoming kind of irrelevant, but there are some that worth owning, like Friends, Game of Thrones, SATC, How I Met Your Mother--you know, the ones you go back to time and time again!

Well, there's my list! Make sure you link up because I'm loving seeing everyone else's ideas!


  1. Another Cards Against Humanity! I love this idea - and I hadn't thought of it!

    We got some Tervis Tumblers for our wedding a couple years ago - I'd never even heard of them before that. They are AMAZING. Great gift idea!

  2. I'm not a huge tea drinker, but I love tea kettles! They come in handy for hot chocolate and cider, too!


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