Rainy Days Refuge


I'm having trouble remembering the last day that it didn't rain. Last summer was the summer of unbearable, record high temperatures. This summer is the summer of rain. So much rain that counties surrounding us have declared a state of emergency because of the flooding. Yikes. 

So, what's a couple to do to not go stir crazy during these rainy after-noons?

Kyle and I both love to read and certainly don't make enough time for it. But, during the summer's, when I'm not teaching and when Kyle's work-load is a lot lighter, we both like to cram as much in as possible. We also love going to coffee shops, even though neither of us drink coffee (hot tea for him, hot chocolate for me!). And today, in order to avoid becoming permanent fixtures on our couch, we headed downtown to one of our favorite spots, with a huge outdoor, covered porch to offer refuge from the rain while still providing some much needed fresh air. 

We had our "His & Hers" books to read and drinks to sip. 

And, it was pure perfection.

Peaceful bliss.

Kyle and I were once complimented by one of our youth group leaders for our ability to be together but not necessarily having to always fill the silence. We could be perfectly content being together and not always having to talk. This afternoon we did just that. We enjoyed our beverages and read until our little hearts were content. And despite the fact that few words were exchanged, we were connected by just being together, doing something we love...

....as the raindrops continued to fall. 


  1. Awww LOVE the last paragraph!! SO sweet!! We're like that! We can just sit & do nothing & be perfectly fine!

  2. Pure poetry Mrs. Abrams xsnapx xsnapx


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