Apple of My Eye...For Now!



Meet Baby Addison, the newest member of the clan and daughter of my beautiful cousin Kathleen and her fabulous husband Eric! 

Eric & Kat, the new parents!!!  Xmas 2010

Unbeknownst to them and the rest of us, they were preggers at my wedding in April, and sent out a family email blast a couple weeks later with the exciting news and a disclaimer that this was not, in fact, to steal K and my's thunder!!! 

The funny story behind all this is that I had been going around for weeks telling every married couple I knew that they needed to get on it with the baby business because I was ready for a baby in my life...just not one of my own!!! I have always LOVED babies ever since I spent 1 summer babysitting a 6-month old named Ella. She and I had the best time and it was then that I realized that there was nothing more relaxing than holding a sweet sleeping baby. Simply priceless!!!! Kathleen and everyone else weren't too sold on my plan, but little did they know that God had a different plan than their plan!  

Kathleen and Eric are both teachers and are also doing grad school! They are 2 of the hardest working people I know, and I know Addison could not have been blessed with better parents! Even though Kat informed me that contrary to what doctors may believe, new mommies do not know everything about babies (even if they have had their heads burried in What to Expect When You're Expecting for the last 9 months) and the road might be a little scary, the blessing of new life is beautiful and fabulous and all things good!

And ya'll, she is the most precious baby I have ever met! Beautiful brown hair, Eric's tan complexion, and what a stylish bambino she is! She is sure to be spoiled rotten as the first of the next generation in our family! I am so excited to be a part of her life and watch her grow up, especially because she will be the first baby I will know from the day she was born!

                                          Kyle & adorable!!!! Xmas 2010

                                         My first time meeting Addison, Xmas 2010

 Kyle and I left our family gathering with  2 thoughts on our brains:

1. We really, really, really want a baby but also really, really are not ready (aka... I'd actually have to learn to cook and actually have to clean every once in a blue moon), so we'll stick with the 5-year plan!

And... 2. How on earth are we ever going to have a baby as beautiful as Addison!? Lucky for us, Kyle's claim to fame is that he was asked to be a baby model...Ay Caramba!!!!


  1. 1) Love the blog!

    2) Can we please send you a better picture of the two of us? It looks like parenting has already taken a toll...

    3) Amen to the five year plan. Although, we know that Addison has come into our lives at just the right time, we were not planning on baby expenses ON TOP of paying back grad school loans =)

  2. Addison is adorable. Love the 5 year plan and hope that baby model thing is genetic. And if you get the offer - take it so you don't get crap from your 20something year old child when they find out you turned down the offer.

  3. I'm a little confused by the whole "first baby I will know from the day she was born!" deal. What happened to all your little cousins? AKA Steven, Sarah, Daniel, and, most importantly, ME?!?! Just kidding La :) btw I am totally addicted to your blog! It's definitely my new way to procrastinate from doing school work :)


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