Hopping on the Blogging Train!


One of my lovely friends, Ashley, as in According to Ashley (to me she will always be known as A.Stew, even though she up and got married on me and changed her last name), told me in August that she was going to start a blog.  I thought she was crazy! I thought she was nuts! But most of all, I thought she was bored! How she could possibly be bored in her newly-married, 2nd year teaching, house decorating life was beyond me. What might one write about in a blog? Why would you want the world to know all of your thoughts? What if there was some creeper out there that would stalk her? Blogs just weren't for me. 

But being the loyal friend that I am, I promised to read her blog, and even faithfully commented in the beginning before she had lots of followers. And lo and behold, I fell in love with it! Not only was it great for staying updated with her life (because friends, you see, we went from living 2 feet away from each other and seeing each other every day to living 20 miles apart and having our lives taken over by teaching) but I also got lots of great ideas from hers and other blogs that she's mentioned. Latest example, I tried baking her Chocolate Covered Peanut Clusters last night and went and bought the same table runner featured in her Christmas Decor, which I don't think she knows about yet, so we'll let that be our little secret!

I even got to the point where I was sad when there weren't new blogs up and where I thought, wow, how cool is it going to be for her to look back at those blogs in 20 years and remember so much because she took the time and energy to document things that were important to her. 

Therefore, I stand  write before you today, blogging world, to confess that I am scared and hesitant to blog, but so excited to take time to reflect on my life and share it with you! And I apologize in advance for the lack of blog skills to know how to do all the cool things like get my title to be centered in my header and get a cool header! Maybe I'll learn one day!

Ciao and lots of Lu love!


  1. Hooray! Love the blog! Matty wanted you to name it "Laura's Life", but "Life is Lu" is close enough!

  2. Or "Life of Lu", if I knew how to type....


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