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Sooooo it was back to the grind for me this week. Hence the lack of blog posts! I'm sure all my fellow teachers can agree with me out there on just how hard it is to get back in school mode after 2 weeks sans lesson planning and the best part of all...sleeping in! I am a much more fun person when I can stay up past 8 o'clock!

Anyways, a fun game I like to play with my kiddos when we come back from break is Numbers and Me. You think of Numbers that relate to your break and then everyone has to guess what that numbers mean! This year was the best because one of my students said "2" and it meant the number of teachers he missed over and my TA! Music to my ears!

Here are my Numbers & Me selections for this week:

3- The number of reality TV shows I watched this week! Ya'll know I gotta get my trash in, and thanks to my bff DVR, I can go to bed early AND still watch my shows the next day! This week I was loving me some Bachelor, some Biggest Loser, and the king of all shows, some Jersey Shore!!!! I have watched EVERY season of the Bachelor since I saw the finale of the first season, and I know there are haters out there, but I just can't get enough! And Biggest Loser....nothing better to get you motivated to get to the gym! True story, I was not going to work out on Wednesday night (day after it aired) until I watched it. 20 minutes later, my butt was on the treadmill! And, I could not devote enough blog posts to the Jersey Shore! All I'll leave you with is, "It'ssssss Teeeeeeeeee Shirttttt Tiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeee!!!!" Love it!

2- The number of times I cried while watching said t-v shows. My girl Emily from Charlotte, NC on the bachelor lost the love of her life/fiance in a plane crash, only to find our the following Friday that she was pregnant... when they told her story, I sobbed! And then I went downstairs and hugged Kyle.  And then, would it be possible to make it through an episode of Biggest Loser without cruising through a whole box of tissues. Absolutely not!

Emily, my fav. so far!
2- The number of times I "mouth fumbled" at school this week. Yes, I did read the word "b*****" for "batch" this week. And yes, I kept going without even giving my kids a chance to pick up on it (do 3rd graders even know that word?), trying to keep my composure while I knew my TA was cracking up at her desk. I also was giving my spelling test, and one student said that they hadn't heard the word for number 41. I said, "Oh, that's okay friend. The word was someone, S-O-M-E-O-N-E. " I didn't even realized I had spelled it for him until my kids all busted out laughing! The best part is, someone still will have miss-spelled that word!

3- The number of times that I exercised this week! Thanks to my new Kindle, I am LOVING reading on the treadmill! 15 minutes will pass by, and I won't even realize it! And I am so obsessed with the cardio-box class at my gym on Saturdays! Looking forward to making this number even bigger for next week! Hello Zumba on Monday! And, I have to give a shout-out to my amazing hubby, who has been running every day! Our goal is to run a 5-K together when the weather gets nice!

2- The number of times we cooked this week! This is a great number for us! We tried 2 new recipes, and loved them both! And they were so easy to make! The first was Low Fat Velveeta with chicken and broccoli and the second was the Bow Tie Lasagna (with a few modifications to make it healthier) from The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog...both super quick, super easy, and super tasty. My only recommendation would be not cooking them consecutively...we were definitely on pasta overload!

42- The amount of money I've spent this week...on gas! I told ya'll, I am really trying to cut back, which means instead of shopping right now, I'm blogging!

1- The 1 new pair of Ugg boots I'm loving right now! Don't freak out, I ordered these before New Year with my Xmas money! And, the best news...I was able to order a 6 in the Big Kids, and got them for cheaper than the adult ones! Can't wait to debut these next week...especially since they're calling for snow!

20- The number of years I've known my bff, Kristen, who stayed with us one night this week before flying back to Michigan. True story--our mother's met in the hospital giving birth to our brothers, who are born a day apart. Then, we ended up moving in right next door to them when we were 4. We literally grew up living 10 feet away from each other with our very own "cut-through" so our walk to each other's houses could be 15 seconds as opposed to 40. It was SO good to catch up with her face-to-face, and she was such a good sport and tried my black-bean brownies! Needless to say, I was super sad to see her go, and can't wait until she realizes that freezing cold Michigan will never be as good as home!

                                              Kristen (right) & Me (center) at my bday party!

                                           Flash forward 20 at my rehearsal din!

                                           Black Bean Brownies from South Beach Diet cookbook!


  1. 1) Love the idea of "Numbers & Me!" It's way too complex for my kids, but I bet yours love it. I'll have to play it on my blog sometime.
    2) I'm hopefully going to watch The Bachelor online tomorrow! I bet I'll like Emily too since we usually end up rooting for the same few people every time - haha! And I looooove t-shirt time! I don't think I can watch that one online, though....?? :/ I totally missed all the shows this week.
    3) I can't BELIEVE you can wear kids shoes. Super jealous of the price difference.
    4) I can't wait to (hopefully) get my Nook for my birthday!!! And now I need a treadmill, too! And a place to put it! Eek!

  2. Thank youuuu for my comment on my blog. I always try to be 100% honest and I love having new followers. Your blog is so cute! Happy Reading and I'll be reading yours as well :)


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