I wish my bloggy break had been due to vacation...


Holy Cannoli it's been a long time since I've posted! Can I just comment on how sad it is that it takes me being home sick to finally be able to blog. Sigh....life of a teacher! And can I also just say, where the heck did January go? Hold up 2011, you're going by a little too fast for me. I'd like to enjoy my last year before my age technically rounds up to 30 if you follow the little rule I teach my 3rd graders (5 or more raise the score...which means 25 officially rounds to 30...ohmiword!)

I did have to put my self on a little "bloggy break" or else I never would've completed my grad school application, and let's just say that break was a little extended due to busyness...and tiredness...and sickness...yuck!

But I'm glad to be back, and excited to share what I've been up to over the last month or so for the sake of preserving my memories! 

Let's start with a visit to good ol' Randleman, NC to visit my favorite baby girl, Miss Addison, and her fabulous parents Kathleen & Eric! Oh, and I must give a birthday shout out to my beautiful cousin, Kathleen! Kyle and I were so excited to get to share a precious afternoon with them! We ate some yummy Buffalo Wild Wings, played games, and spent some great time with Addison, who continues to steal everyone's heart! She is just too cute! The happy parents seemed to be doing so well and handling everything like champs! It is amazing how a baby just brings everything back into focus and how family is such a huge priority. I loved how Kathleen and Addison rode with Eric over to the high school so he could take care of some business over there just to be with him! That is what it's all about peeps!

                                                      Me with Kathleen and baby Addison!

                                                  Kyle and me and baby Addison!

January has really been a good month for Kyle and me in making some lifestyle changes in order to be healthier! It was music to my ears when Kyle told me he'd like to join the gym I go to because now we can go to the gym together! Nothing was more unmotivating than coming home from school and leaving your hubby to go to the gym when you already go to bed so early...that would cut our time together down to an hour some days, and that's not okay with me! We have had so much fun with our gym dates! I even started going to Zumba class, which was terrifying but the most awesome time I've ever had while exercising! I didn't even feel like I was exercising! The music was amazing, and there were so many people there that it wasn't totally obvious when you messed up, which I totally did like 300 10 times! 

                                                    Me, super nervous before my first Zumba!

February has lived up to it's name as the month of LOVE! I got a fabulous call on Saturday, February, 5, from my college bff, Beebs that she and her wonderful boyfriend, Brian, had gotten engaged! I had been thinking it was going to happen sometime soon, and Beebs and I had prepared a signal so I would know that her phone call was "the call." I told her that if I didn't pick up the first time to call back immediately, so I would know! Of course I was at the gym when she called, and I was leaving and saw that I had 3 missed calls from her! At first, I didn't put the pieces together, and I called back and left the generic "so sorry I missed your call, call me back" message, but just as I hung up, she rang back in, and that's when it hit me!!!! I was standing out in the cold, rain by the gym door when I heard the fabulous words, "We're engageddddddddd!" I was SO incredibly happy for them. Beebs has just been the best of friends to me, has taught me so much, and I love her more than words could ever say! To hear her so happy literally brought tears to my eyes! I'm sure that the people passing by me thought I was crazy! It has been so exciting watching their journey together! Kyle and I were with them on their first date to McCallisters while we were freshman in college and really got to see their love grow! I am so excited to celebrate their big day with them!

                                                    Brian and Brittany...beautiful couple!
                                                                          Lu & Beebs...freshman year!!!

Kyle and I also had a little pre-valentines day love fest! He surprised me the day before Valentines day with this little set-up when I came home from a coffee date. We had said we weren't really going to do big valentines presents this year, so I was really touched and excited by what he got me! First of all, he knows me so well because everything he bought was pink! And, he was totally being supportive of my fitness kick with a gym bag, a new water bottle, pink towels, and a little pedometer! I seriously have the best hubby! But, I woke up on Valentines day to the best gift of all, which was a letter from Kyle. We used to write letters to each other for every month we were together. Eventually we dropped that because when you're together for 7 years, that's a lot of months! But his letter touched my heart and made my day, and was the best gift I could have asked for! 

                                                                                 Heart Day Presents!!!

We also had quite a little heart day celebration at school! It's so funny because my little 3rd graders are starting their little romances! One day one of my little girls dropped her pencil, and the boy sitting next to her picked it up, and she looks at her friend, and mouths "He hearts me" while making a heart with her 2 hands! So adorable! So, yes, our room was buzzing Monday morning as the kiddos passed out their valentines! My TA and I felt the love with all the valentines and chocolate we got! We read cute valentines stories, did a math coordinate grids activity with the sweet heart candies, and made valentines for a nursing home! I absolutely LOVE holidays!

                                                                 Yeah, my TA and I wore matching outfits!

Unfortunately, I came home from that day feeling awful.  Just when I start to think I have a really good immune system...BAM! I get sick! We've had a strep/flu outbreak in our class and almost everyone has been home sick at least once. I guess it's my turn now :(   We had to cancel our dinner reservation and settle for Chargrill on the couch. But it was still the perfect first Vday as a married couple! And can I just say that I still find it absolutely adorable that Kyle calls it "Valentimes" day! Love that boy!

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  1. Glad you're back to bloggyland! Great job working out! Still need to hear the engagement story. Super jealous of your thoughtful husband/Valentine's Day gifts. :)


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