Yeahhhh...that was me on I-40


         I feel like I am one of those people in that special club where the most bizarre things happen to them. You know, the kinds of things that helped spur the saying "That would happen to me." And this past week was just another thing to add to my list.  February seems to be that kind of month for me. I believe it was last February that I discovered after 3 days of thinking I was going insane that the Old Navy people had kindly left one of their walkie talkies in my reusable shopping bag, that so nicely got shoved in the corner of my room with the clothes still piled on top. for 3 days, every couple of hours, we'd hear "Shrieksh crakljkajldajdfjl aldkfjalskdfalskdhaldhf eeeekkkkkk" and could not for the life of us figure out where the noise was coming from. We checked every smoke detector. We checked EVERYTHING with a battery. And just as I was about to check myself into a mental institution I finally decided to pull out one of my new tops and there it was. That freakin walkie-talkie! My life. I marched over to that Old Navy and said "You might want this back" and proceeded to share my adventures over the past 3 days. I thought I at least deserved some coupons, if not a gift card or free shirt. Well, I got nothing. Not even one ounce of sympathy. I left in a huffy and roll my eyes every time I see them talking on one of those silly things! 
       Now, my latest "WTH" (I say "heck" because I have to keep it clean as a teacher) moment happened as I was driving home from school . I teach about 15 minutes away and have a really easy route home that mainly involves driving on Highway I-40.  As I was cruising along I noticed that the pick-up truck in front of me was all of a sudden releasing yards and yards of caution tape. It was flying all over my car, really actually pretty dangerously because it was obstructing my view and making me dizzy from flopping all around. I literally think a whole role unraveled because at this point I am like 8 car lengths away from that stupid truck! Well, if it had just unraveled and moved on it's way then it would have been fine...not my problem. But, it just obviously loved my car enough to decide to get stuck on my rear-view window. So now, I am the dumb dumb dragging this enormous length of caution tape down I-40, flapping around in the wind, ticking other drivers off, etc. I literally didn't know what to do! Do I drive, do I stop, what on earth!? There were 4 miles until the next exit, and what do I do...just continue on my merry little way, wishing I could hide my head! I apologize to anyone who was out driving that day. It wasn't my fault!!! I finally pulled over at the exit, and detached it from my mirror. It was SO much daggone tape that I was not even willing to walk the mile it seemed like to gather all of the tape. So I left it. On the side of the road. I believe that makes me Number 1 Litter Bug of the century. 

That would happen to me.


  1. haha, your post made me laugh out loud! Can't believe either of those things happened to you! At least it makes life more interesting! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. Haha, this is hilarious! loving your blog, laura! ~becca


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