Fortune Cookies are Not my Friend


Somewhere out there some little fortune cookie maker is having a great laugh at my expense. Swears to goodness, every time Kyle and I open our fortunes, his always says something about "secret admirers" or "new love interests" and it kills me to no end!  Never do I get these messages...just Kyle! Someone has to be playing a joke on me somewhere! Obviously I am paying my dues for being a slightly jealous girlfriend when we first started dating (in my defense let's remember that we were only 17 when we started dating!). I don't think I'm an overly superstitious person or one to really believe these fortunes, but I just think it is just too crazy that it happens EVERY time we get them! Now it's just a big joke to us. Of course when we ate at PF Changs tonight it would be no different! Kyle opened his and immediately busted into laughter, and I just knew!

Exhibit A:  My fortune
 Exhibit B: Kyle's Fortune
Thank you PF Changs. Luckily I was in too good of a mood because it was the last day of school today! I snatched that sucker right up and made some comment about me hoping it was a guy just to wipe that grin off his face! Heart you, Kyle!

Happy Friday, my friends! 

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