First Birthday Princess!


Check out this little birthday cutie...miss Addison!

My cousin, Kathleen, and her hubby, Eric's, baby girl turned one years old this past Saturday, and we gathered in Asheboro on Sunday for her birthday party! She was even CUTER than usual (if that's even possible!) in her pink tutu and one-sie with a sparkly pink "1" on it! Lots of family and friends attended to celebrate this sweet girl, and it was such a fun time! She seemed to have a blast and was feeling the affects of the sugar from that cupcake because she was all over the place. She loved her presents and was the princess of the party! What a great day!

I took just a few pics...

We gave Addison some Eric Carle and other books for her first library...can you tell I'm a teacher!?
Addison got her very own cupcake...this was just before it ended up smeared across her entire face!
Presents, please!
My brother, Bryan, and his girlfriend, Kelly!
Kyle & Me!
Cupcake toppers! 
Cute table decorations...Addison and I share a love for pink and green!
Kat did a great job on the "Addison" banner!
The "boys"
Addison and "Unk"--Steven wrote her the most beautiful song and made a slideshow of sweet!
Kat & me!
Addison & her Daddy! Got your nose!
B and me with Grandmother & Grandaddy!

Cheers for Addison!
Addison has the best parents who put together such a special first birthday party for her! Such a great day!


  1. Eek! It was so much fun! Thanks for posting!! Now her mother needs to get on the ball. This week has been so nuts, a) all of her presents are where we set them Sunday night, and b) the decorations are covering our kitchen counter right now. Lame much? I'm thinking my post will not come through til Saturday. Love you!! See you soooooon!

  2. This is adorable! She is precious! Thanks for being my newest follower- I cannot wait to read more! Your background is adorable btw, I love how the polka dots look too! Making me want to redo my background heehee Have a fabulous weekend!


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