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If yesterday's post was entitled "Moving on Up" then it is only fitting that today's should be "Moving Away" because that's exactly what my brother-in-law is doing today. He's moving away to Costa Rica. For a whole year. Unless...gasp...he falls in love with some Costa Rican hottie who hates America  and stays there forever...the horror!

Kyle and I have been dating since our junior year in high school, and his brother, Ryan, was just a wee little 8th grader at the time. Needless to say, he's been like a little brother to me for the past 8 years, and we are so sad to see him go even though we know he's going to do amazing things while he's there.

We've had some really great visits with him these past few weeks, and he and Kyle have gotten to do some good ole' brotherly bonding as well. I know that as much as Kyle likes to brush away what he's feeling with jokes and sarcasm...

Exhibit A-- the "good-bye" hug that he had to make so incredibly awkward
...that he's really getting emotional about Ry leaving. We each wrote Ryan an email, as did his other family members and friends, and let's just say I wasn't the only one who shed a tear or two.

We had a wonderful Skype session with Ryan and my in-laws last night and believe it or not, Kyle was actually the first one to break down. And I think I fell in love with him even more, if that was even possible!

Here's to my little bro and his year full of adventure!

And these are the moments we'll all be missing over the next 12 months...

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  1. Sounds an exciting adventure, but goodbyes like this are always hard, especially if you're close!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Thursday Hun xoxo


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