I cannot get enough of the Olympics and have been staying up every night to watch! And I totally revert back to my 9-year old self as I am completely in love with the Fab Five US gymnasts! They have done such an amazing job and seem like all-around good girls! And man, Gabby Douglas is my hero!
I totally remember spending my entire 4th grade year pretending to be Dominique Moceanu after the '96 Olympics! My 3 best girlfriends and I would use a tree in one of their front-yards as our "bars" and we'd just swing and flip and do cart-wheels until our lil' hearts were content. And, we'd inevitably end up in a fight about who actually got to play Dominique because let's face it, we all wanted to be her! 
I've been emailing with some of my girls from this past class who are taking gymnastics, and I hope that they are just as inspired by the Fab Five as I was by the Magnificent Seven when I was their age! There's something just so awesome about dreaming and imagining that one day you could do that too...even if you never become an Olympian!

Here's to all the girls...young (or 25 like me!) who are totally pretending to be Gabby Douglas today!
Me with one of my girls from my first class and 2 from this past years...future Olympic gymnasts...maybe so!

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