Glass Half Full


Well, hey there! Every year I think to myself, this will be the year that I am totally prepared for school to start. And even though I was SUPER productive this summer, I still began the year feeling as overwhelmed and frazzled as ever. 2 weeks straight of terrible eating, hardly sleeping, and only exercising 2 times is not my idea of "having it together."

And, it's not like I can say my week went amazingly well. I love my 19 kiddos already, but I can tell that it is going to be a "growing" year for me as a teacher, and I left most days this week feeling like I was a horribly mean teacher, even though I know that I was really just being "firm."

It was just one of those weeks where I pretty much just felt like a failure all around. I wasn't very present for Kyle this week...we'd be in the same room, but I was in my own world, trying to get my plans made. I didn't do any of my grad school work because I was literally trying to plan my lessons for the next day. And, I didn't do a very good job of leaving my work stress at work.

But, in an effort to remain positive, I am NOT going to let myself focus on the negatives. There were actually some really fabulous parts to my week as well!


Kyle surprising me on Monday morning by already having my lunch made and everything ready for me to just grab and go! And, another day he left me money so that I could grab a bagel on my way to school since he knew I wasn't able to eat snack this week (too busy!) and that it would hold me over until lunch! Hands down best hubs ever!

Piling my 19 kiddos into my office on Monday to call and sing happy birthday to my grandfather, who turned 82 that day! It was so special, and they were so excited! It totally made his day, and he told me he was telling his friends about it all week long!

I have a super awesome student teacher, Chelsea, (my first!) who was so incredibly helpful and understanding this week! She was with us every day, and I'm so sad she's only going to be coming on Wednesdays during the fall semester!

I had the best time sipping Sangria & munching on chips and queso with my friend, Alex, who teaches 4th grade at my school! We had lots of good stuff to catch up on, and it was such a nice way to unwind after a stressful day!

Manicures & a lunch date with two friends, Anna and Kelly, on Saturday! So relaxing and fun!

Listening to a Wild Beasts record with Kyle while lying on the floor and watching the lightening outside the window.

Having a nice, long walk this morning followed by a dip in the neighborhood pool with Kyle!

And pretty much just spending a nice, long, 3 day weekend with my favorite person in the entire world!
Here's to looking at the glass half full!

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