Nelly Bean's Bridal Tea


Oh, hey blog friends...if I have any left! You can blame my absence on the "Common Core" (if you're not a teacher, I realize this term means nothing to you!) and grad school!

But just to prove that I do have a wee-little bit of a life outside of school...

I did manage to make it to the NC State game to cheer on the pack with Kyle this past weekend!

Yes, life has been pretty darn stressful this past month, but it's OK though...I had a break-through on the way to work this morning after having a little "break-down" yesterday when things just felt out of control, and I decided that I really just can't put so much pressure on myself to do everything. I just can't! I'm hoping my new attitude change will make for a much more positive week!

But, I'm not here to talk about that today! I actually need to play a little "catch-up" on the bloggy today!

2 weekends ago Kyle and I headed home to Wilmy so that I could go to a Bridal Tea for my long-time friend, Jannell, who has been affectionately known as "Nelly-beans" since, oh, I dunno, middle school!
I have literally known her since we were babies, and we grew up in church together, and our parents our really great friends. We even went to pre-school together! Jannell and I were about as opposite as could be growing up. I distinctly remember us being in children's choir and having to sing in front of the church when we were little. I'm pretty sure I remember me crying on the steps while Nelly just belted it out, loving being in the spotlight! I remember her telling me that Janet Jackson was her guardian angel when we were seven, and I also remember her calling me in sixth grade and telling me she'd fallen in a hole in the ground...none of this was true! But that was Jannell, and she has always been one hilarious girl!

She is actually marrying a super great guy who went to high school with us, even though they didn't start dating until college! I can't wait for their December will be like one big high school reunion!

My mom and a few other moms of girls we grew up in church with went in together to host a Bridal Tea, and it was so adorable and fun! I know that Jannell and her mom, Ms. Beth, were so touched!

My gorgeous momma and me!
Such a pretty view!
Jannell and her momma posing w/ the welcome sign!
Pic of one of the tea tables!
FBC girls, all grown up!
Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. I think that guy behind you and K-love (new nickname, let him know) is picking his nose!

    CALL ME anytime you feel overwhelmed girl. I took like 5 sick days last year due to that. I downloaded a task app called Todo that's really helped me with my ongoing lists. If it ain't on the list, it ain't gettin' done.

    I love you and I think you're amazing.

  2. I was gonna make the same observation as K-Swizzle-Snackz (new nickname, let her know), that dude is totally digging for gold.


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