Peace Out, October


Whoa! Where the heck did October go? I swear I just blinked my eyes for a hot second and October had passed! I can't say that I am sad to see October go because it means that my favorite month of the year, November, is next! Hello... birthday month (for Kyle and me), month of 2 teacher workdays and  3 days off for Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving holidays, and month of gorgeous fall weather fit for my favorite accessories--boots and scarves!

I've been going through a little rough patch this past month. Teaching has just been incredibly stressful with the change of the curriculum for the Common Core...we're all feeling like first years again....and I have some different challenges in my class this year. Combine that with grad school, and it should have come as no shock to me that my doctor told me that my Cortisol levels (aka stress levels) were off the charts.

 I knew that I needed to make some changes with how I managed my stress, but then that even became stressful because I was stressing about the fact that I was stressed! Luckily these past 2 weeks have been a lot better. I've been practicing the art of "saying no," started doing some meditation (and waiting on my yoga DVD to arrive!), and have been trying just be healthier overall. Kyle has been my rock, and I just could not have asked for a better person to have by my side! I also have the best family in the world! You know it's love when you're super not outdoorsy mom will go sit on a towel on the ground with you outside just so that you can get some fresh-air to relax!

I promise that I have been able to have some fun this past month!

Kyle and I had a wonderful date night in Raleigh that included dinner at Capital Club and seeing Florence + The Machine in concert! I have no words to describe how amazing that concert was!

We've been able to go to a few NC State football games!

Our friends Brittany and Brian came to visit from Baltimore in Brian's big-ole' red work truck! We had a fabulous weekend with them!

I have the best student-teacher in the world, Chelsea! She's my first student teacher, and I am having so much fun getting to know her! My kiddos love her too!

Kyle's momma sent me a care package!

I had the best girls' weekend ever with my 5 best friends from high school! We spent the weekend at Wrightsville Beach and stayed at Jan's family's condo right on the water! It was probably one of my favorite weekends ever! Non-stop laughter!

Ally, Jan, and me ready to begin the road trip!
Kristen & Paige trying to stay up to make a Vito's late-night run!
The whole gang: Paige, Ally, Kristen, me, Jan, and Becca!
Dinner & Drinks at 22 North!

Kyle and I early voted! I always get excited to exercise that right and was pumped to vote in my 2nd election!

I got a new pair of glasses! I'd say it was high time I replaced the pair that I've had since I was in 9th grade!

And, last night we went to a Halloween which multiple people dressed up to make fun of someone else in the friendly, hilarious ways, of course! Wish I could have gotten pics of everyone's costumes, but these were the only ones from my phone!
Keith dressed as "Father Ron"...aka Kyle's father, the Episcopal Priest!
Matt dressed as Kyle!
Anna was the Walk of Shame!
And Kyle and I won Best Costume...but I'm not going to confirm what we were...let's just say that it was a total inside joke between our group of friends meant to make fun of Keith...who we love dearly!
I hope that everyone has a fabulous and relaxing weekend! I fully intend to as well!


  1. Looks like tons of fun for you this month! So sorry that you have been stressed. Sending good thoughts your way sweet girl!

  2. Girl I know what you mean about this transition into common core. It can be a bit stressful at times but the great thing is, I've seen a total change in my students and their grades are much better this year than the class I had last. Don't stress out too much and remember to take some time for yourself (:


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