Our First Rodeo...the Food Truck Kind!


My weekend was simply blissful. Good laughs with friends on Friday night and a lazy Saturday, but the cherry that topped my weekend was our visit to our very first Food Truck Rodeo on Sunday! So amazing for this foodie soul!

First Stop... American Meltdown...home of the most delish adult grilled cheeses!
Anna got the "Pigs-N-Figs" 
Kyle and I split the "The Orchard"
I was just a wee bit excited to try it!
Next Stop...Baguett About It...I think the names speaks for itself!
We split the "Kellye's Favorite"...sweet Italian sausage w/ peppercorn sauce & parm cheese!
Stop Numero Tres...The Parlour...serving heavenly home-made ice-cream!

Vietnamese Coffee & Salted Butter Caramel...so amazing!
Next Stop...Waggin' Wagon...even the doggies need a treat!
Matt & Anna had to pick up something for their canine baby, Charlie!
 My last stop...Monuts Donuts...bet ya' can't guess what they serve?
We got there too late for me to try their famous "Maple Bourbon Bacon" donut...I tried their  Glazed Yeast donut, and it was pretty good!

Kyle's last stop...Sympathy for the Deli...get your sammies here!
Roasted Turkey w/ Swiss and Bacon...nom nom nom!

Last few bites!
And I don't blame you if you now that you think we're total pigs! We definitely left with full bellies...


Happy Hearts!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I didn't even know we had food trucks in NC haha, I think hubs and I will have to take the hour drive towards the capital to hit those things up, ya'll made it all look so fun and delicious!

  2. Where in the world was this? How fun! I want one of everything you had!

  3. Yum!!! Love this!! Lol at those names!


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