Atlanta with a side of Weddings & Love Day :)


Happy Monday, friends! Aren't Mondays so much more bearable when you don't have to work? Life has been moving full speed ahead and I've just been left spinning, trying my best to keep up! Kyle and I have been out of town for the last 3 weekends, so I was in desperate need of a weekend at home with absolutely nothing planned. Mission accomplished!

I know it's way just a tad bit delayed, but Kyle and I had the best little weekend getaway to Atlanta the first weekend of February. We had been dying to see The xx in concert and were so bummed to see that the only time that they were in NC was on a weeknight in a city 3 hours away. So, the next best thing was to catch them in Atlanta and make a weekend out of it! Neither of us had been to ATL since we were younger, so we were pumped to add another city to "our" list of places we'd been together.

What made the timing more perfect was that I was already scheduled to take the Praxis that Friday, so we were able to away a lot earlier and miss the Friday traffic!

But, because I was taking the Praxis I "packed" my bag early in the week so that I could study the night before. Somehow in my packing frenzy I forgot to add pants. So, we arrived for the weekend with me and my yoga pants! Lessons learned-- 1) Double check bag for all necessities before leaving on a trip AND 2) It is important to shop a great deal at a certain store (for me, it's Loft) so that in an emergency you can walk right in and know exactly which size & pant cut you need...we were out of there in 10 minutes flat! Kyle has never been prouder!

Needless to say, the rest of the weekend went off without a hitch!

Atlanta has definitely earned a spot on one of my favorite cities list, and I feel like we barely scratched the surface of the amazing things to do there! We spent most of Saturday day at the Aquarium with some late afternoon shopping in the Midtown area before our concert that night. Perfect day in my book! And the food, ohhhh the food! Best eating since our honeymoon in Italy in my book!
The Porter Beer Bar  in Little Five Points...hole in the wall bar with the most delicious food! And, Kyle loved their beer selection!
Goat Cheese Fritters glazed in honey...phenomenal!
mini banana pudding & brownie w/ beer ice-cream desserts!
Pumped for the Aquarium!

Precious Penguin
Coolest sea creatures ever!
Kyle was so excited to pet the stingrays :)
We found Nemo!
Amazed by the overhead cool to see what it would be like to be underwater looking up!
Late lunch @ Tin Lizzy's...wish I could eat here on a weekly basis!
Seeing The xx truly was just amazing. No words. If you haven't listened to them, you must must must! Their music is incredibly beautiful, almost haunting!
Bad pic but only one of us from the concert! The xx were AMAZING!
I could listen to them forever.
The xx...happy sigh :)
And, just for good measure...

My best friend from childhood, Kristen's, older brother, Craig, got married last weekend! Craig was brother's best friend, and he was like my 2nd older brother growing up-- he certainly embarrassed me more than my own brother did! He is the funniest guy in the world, and I know his new wife, Alie, will be entertained for the rest of her life! It was such a fun wedding!

Kristen & me at the reception :)
And, Valentine's Day was wonderful this year! I was pumped to wear my heart sweater to school and got lots of compliments from my kiddos! They also did not disappoint in the candy department either, and I had fun giving them their Valentine's Day mad libs & pencils! Kyle and I had a low key celebration that included sunflowers, chocolates & cupcakes from one of our favorite spots, Parker & Otis, pizza from Lily's, and snuggling on the couch while watching season 2 of Downton Abbey!

Welp, that about covers my last 3 weeks. See, now we're all caught up!


  1. I've been dying to eat at Tin Lizzy's! I hear nothing but amazing things! I don't live far from Atlanta so I reeeeally need to go try out some restaurants, there are so many good ones in that city! Glad y'all had a great weekend! I've been watching season 2 of Downton Abbey too.. so good.

  2. what an eventful three weeks! I would love to go to Atlanta, the few times Iv've been were just for a layover in their airport! All that food looks delicious (making the Egg Biscuit sitting on my desk from BoJangles MUCH less appetizing haha)


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