Surprise Night


So, it's no secret that I finally finished grad school. I've pretty much mentioned it on every social media outlet and worked it into every conversation for the last 2 weeks! But, there's one person who's been hearing about this for months, and that person is my sweet hubby, Kyle. And, when my two friends, Kelly & Anna, and I all hang out together with our guys, we definitely have been guilty of reminding them about this upcoming "milestone." We may have even gone as far as to hint that they plan some sort of epic surprise for us, and guess what...they listened! Not only did they listen, but they planned the most thoughtful, sweet night for us ladies!

Last Friday, us girls were told that we needed to stay at school until around 3:30 and that we didn't need to change or do anything but just show up where we were told, when we were told. Well, we had had Field Day at school that day, so I was totally bumming it, but I had faith in my hubs that he truly meant it when he said I'd be fine. I even reminded him multiple a few times that I was wearing a sports bra and tennis shoes that day, and he just kept laughing and saying not to worry!

At 4pm, Kyle drove me to Kelly's house and told me to get out of the car and go inside. He then proceeded to drive away! I was so confused! When Anna arrived, Kelly's hubby, Keith, presented us with an envelope with our 1st clue...

Here's a look at what our surprise adventure entailed...

Excited & Nervous to open Clue #1
Clue #1-- Those Funny Boys :)
We each got a gift certificate for manicures! We also got clue #2 but were told not to open it until after our manis!
Beautiful nails & Clue #2-- which told us to go to the place where we all first hung out...Anna & Matt's house!
The boys had put out wine & appetizers for us! 
So sweet!
Clue #3 was also waiting for us-- Can't believe the boys actually picked out our outfits! We had so much fun getting ready!

Keith picked us up to drive us to our next destination, which ended up being my house, even though he tried to fake us out a couple of times on the way!
We walked inside to see this lovely dinner table set for us...and Kyle's mom was in the kitchen! She had wanted to do something special for us, too, and when she heard about the boys' idea for surprise offered to come up and do the cooking for our meal! She is a great cook, and it was such a delicious meal! She even served us and everything!
Our table has never looked this good!

After a lovely meal, we were presented with Clue #4, which led us to the Melting Pot for a late-night dessert!
Keith, Matt, & Anna!
Kyle, me, and Kelly!
What a perfect way to celebrate! Kelly's facebook status said it best following our lovely evening...

I think we married some keepers!


  1. Congrats! I am sure you are so happy!

  2. Oh my goodness!! HOW FREAKIN SWEET WAS THIS!? Love it!! Congratulations!

  3. How fun is this! You definitely have a keeper!

  4. awww, y'alls guys did such a great job! happy for you and your accomplishments!

  5. That was stinkin' adorable! Congrats!!


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