Hey, hey, Summatime


Praise be, I am officially on Summer break! It has been a roller coaster of a school year, and I have earned my "toes in the sand, drink in hand" vacation from teaching.

I saw this floating around Facebook and Pinterest and got a good chuckle:
There's definitely truth to the pic, but I also without fail become all weepy on the last day having to say good-bye to my kiddos! You can't spend 180 days together and not get attached.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't sing the Hallelujah chorus after sleeping in to the glorious hour of 9am on my first day of summer!

My first days of summer have been quite lazy blissful, and I intend to keep it that way.
Mandatory Summer Kickoff Drinks!
One of the major reasons for my absence from the blogging world is that I've been dealing with some health issues this past year that require a lot of money lifestyle changes. My #1 goal this summer is to focus on my health and learn as much as  I can about my auto-immune disease and ways to heal.

So, this summer, you'll find me...

Reading, meditating, lunching with friends, trying not to fall over in yoga class, swimming & walking, cooking super clean (or meal planning for Kyle to cook super clean because let's be honest, a cook I am not), soaking up some sun (fully slathered in sun-screen), spending lots of QT with the hubs, and doing other things that I know will be good for my soul and stress levels!

Happy Summer!

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