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These past few months I've been on a major quest to do as much research as I can to start healing my body after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis last summer. This is an autoimmune disease that basically just messes with your whole body, but the good news is that some people out there have had some good successes with managing their Hashi's (not sure if this is an official nickname-- but it's def what I call it!) through diet and lifestyle changes. Those changes are NO JOKE, and I'm only just beginning.

But, through a lot of my reading, I've learned so much that I probably wish I hadn't but am so beyond thankful that I did about the toxins in the health, beauty, and cleaning products that I use every.single.day. I knew in my heart of hearts that I needed to make a personal change to keep my body as free from toxins as I can within reasonable limits because, let's face it, my body is already struggling enough as is!

 I've been slowly transitioning to cleaner health, beauty, and household products, and one of the companies that has made it SO easy is The Honest Company.
The company was started by the beautiful Jessica Alba (who doesn't love her!?). I just started reading her book, The Honest Life, and she definitely struck a chord with me as she talked about how we shouldn't have to choose between fabulous products full of toxins or blah products that aren't. The Honest Company is committed to providing safe and non-toxic products that also just happen to be quite fabulous.
I have loved every product I've purchased from there!

Some of my personal faves from their Bath & Body collection are:

Hand Soap
Organic Lip Balm Trio
Hand Sanitizer Gel
Healing Balm
Face & Body Lotion
Toothpaste & Mouthwash
And, I've loved all of their cleaning supplies!
They also have baby and health products that I've heard great things about but have yet to try them myself.

I usually get the Essentials Bundle, and even though at first it makes you think that you have to get the bundle shipped monthly, I always just log in and keep pushing back the shipment date until I actually need to purchase!

Added bonus-- now that I've gotten my mom on board, we'll sometimes split the essentials bundle since you may not need as much as frequently with smaller families! I'm sure this will change one day ;)

This post was definitely not sponsored, and all of the thoughts/opinions are completely my own. If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to comment or shoot me an email. I could talk about what I'm learning through my research and the great products I've found all the live long day-- just ask the girls in my family!

If you do happen to want to give The Honest Company a try, consider going through this invitation! Another thing I love about The Honest Company--they have a great referral program!

Hope you HONESTLY have a fabulous evening ;)

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  1. Loving seeing the Honest products at Target! My husband even picked up the shampoo/body wash from Costco when I asked him to get something organ-ish! The vanilla orange smells soooo good!


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