Five on Friday--My First!


Praise be, my BFF, Friday is here! And, this Friday is extra special for the blogger part of me because it's the first time I'm linking up with some of my fave bloggers-- April, Natasha, Christina, and Darci! I've loved reading everyone's FoF posts and an am excited to participate myself, now! And, I think I picked a pretty good day to start considering the amazing giveaway they are hosting today!

Shall we get started?

Pumpkin patches. I can't seem to visit one without wanting to take a million pictures! 

I'm going to a pumpkin decorating party on Sunday and might just have to break from the traditional pumpkin carving and attempt a little pumpkin painting instead!

Leopard print. I'm having a moment. I'm loving this dress (and quite a few other pieces) from Loft right now.  Now if I could just arrange for it to look like that on me I'd be all set!

The League. My newest guilty pleasure. Kyle and I are always looking for shows that we can watch together and this is our new fave. I was super skeptical at first. I like football, but I in no way would say that I'm a big follower of professional football. But I am loving it! And I've never understood Fantasy Football--until now, haha! Yes, this show is not only making my husband happy, but it's also helping me be a much cooler wife in his eyes. #winwin
Date night. Finally had one! I hinted in my last post that we've been going through a sad time, and while our marriage has been strengthened in so many ways, it has taken a little while to remember how to have fun and be happy together again. But, we were offered tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera at our arts center downtown and couldn't pass those up. It was nice to be out and about with the hubs and not feel weighted down by life circumstances right now. And, the play was phenomenal. I apologize to anyone who has to personally be around me for the next few days as I very likely will be humming all of my favorite Phantom songs! And y'all know I can't carry a tune!

Whole 30. Am I crazy? I think we're going to start this on Monday. Yikes! We've been in survival mode for about a month now and haven't exactly been eating our healthiest or taking as good of care of ourselves. So, why not dive in full force into something super extreme. Sense my sarcasm? But, in all honesty, I've had some family members and read about a few blogger friends doing this, and the benefits seem to outweigh the cons. Plus, I know it's a good way to eat for someone with autoimmune issues, so I'm hoping it will also help in that way! So for now, I'm hopeful. But talk to me in a week ;)
Yay for my first Five on Friday! Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Phantom was amazing! I have season tickets to the DPAC and I am so glad I bought them since Phantom was so spectacular!


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