Super Cute Gift Idea


For me, the perfect gift is cute, practical, & personalized, which is exactly what I got when I opened our wedding package from Ms. Becky, who is my college bestie's sweet momma! She is the QUEEN of cute gifts, and her Shutterfly Photo Mugs  were no different! These were the ones she gave to Kyle and me after our wedding...

They are perfect for all occasions! Kyle and I gave them as Christmas presents to all of our family members this past year, and they LOVED them!  They are super easy to make, AND you get to see them in an actual size model that you can spin around to see what the mug will look like from all sides! SO MUCH FUN...I seriously could have made thousands of mugs if my wallet would allow! And, to be honest, my wallet could actually allow quite a few because they are a pretty good deal...especially if you catch them on sale!

They are a great way to document all of your fave memories, and Ms. Becky has made some pretty cool mugs! Take a looksie...
Ms. Becky's many mugs!
Cute Doggy Pics Mug & Graduation Mug!
Family Pics Mug!
Wedding Dance Mug!
Engagement Party Mug!

So, if you need a GREAT gift idea to get you through the rest of wedding season or have a birthday or anniversary to shop for, these photo mugs might just be your answer! I can't wait to make my NEXT mug...let's see...who's got a birthday coming up!?


  1. this is such a great idea! i am obsessed with photo gifts. has a bunch of great options too!!

  2. So fun! I made my husband a photo mug with a bunch of pictures of our pups for his office. He says he gets all kinds of compliments on it! What a great gift!


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