The Bra Chronicles


Who shows up on vacation without their bra? That would be me, friends! Kyle and I were literally pulling into Wilmywood, and I had a brief moment of panic when I realized I was still wearing my sports bra (we had left from the gym because we were heading straight to the yacht club for a late afternoon beach trip).  I didn't even think to pack a real bra because I never pack a bra...I'm always just wearing the one I'll wear for the whole trip! Go me.

This incident was not the first of my bra troubles. You see, it all started back in 7th grade when I realized I wasn't as blessed as I'd liked to have been in that department. What's a girl to do? Well, you could buy a really padded strapless bathing suit and wear it under your tube top bra. Just don't forget during the summer when you're wearing it as an actual bathing suit and it's still wet that when you go to hug your lil' boyfriend goodbye at the beach that you might leave 2 huge boob stains on his shirt. Haaaave mercy! If that didn't work for you, you could always just get the extra pads and stuff them in your bra...just don't lean over and let them fall front of that same boyfriend. True story.  

Then there was the time in college when my roomie, Beebs, and I were asked to dog sit for Honeybee.  Honeybee's family lived in a really nice neighborhood in a really cute house, and we were so excited to get away from our apartment for the weekend! That is until we realized Honeybee had ripped up our bras. Like literally, gnawed the clasps, eaten the button, ripped open the cups. I was NOT a happy camper that day nor did that help Kyle's case for wanting us to get a dog. I don't have enough money to be replacing bras left and right, peeps! Sidenote...Honeybee also apparantly likes undies too because before I had discovered the bra casualty, I found a pair of skanky panties behind the curtains in the master bedroom. I ran down to Beebs dying with laughter to tell her to come check out what I'd found, and she was mortified to see that they were hers! Who knows what kind of drama we might have caused if Honeybee's mommy had found those instead of us! 

And, most recently, I was sitting in bed typing up my grad school paper when I realized my left boob was soaked. No worries...just a little gel insert poppage.  Another bra bites the dust! 

The only bright side to all my bra mishaps is that they were all great excuses to go shopping for new ones! This weekend I was forced to treat myself to a little Vickies shopping trip, and 40 dollars later, I was all covered for the weekend!


  1. Thanks for the morning giggle!! Happy Tuesday =)))

  2. So funny! I've totally forgotten undies on vacation before ; )


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