To Buy or Not to Buy...


I am having a moral dilemma of the fashion kind, a.k.a., I am lusting after some boots, BUT they are more expensive than anything I've ever purchased (even though technically Kyle has offered to buy them for me as my birthday/Xmas present, so maybe I'll say owned!).  Enter Frye Jane Tall boots... 
And, just to give you a little idea of just how much they cost, I'll break it down for you in a little simple math:

Ugg Boots- Returned to Nordstroms for a $118 dollar credit 

Madden Girl boots, returned to DSW along with...

These Steven Madden cuties for a total of $92 dollars back on the debit card...
And...I'd still need about another $100 dollars to cover them...ohmiword.

I have always LOVED fashion and can shop with the best of them, but I pride myself on finding amazing deals, and so whereas my wardrobe may look like I've spent away my life's fortune and then some, I promise that my general rule of thumb is that I don't pay over $30 for anything...including jeans, dresses and shoes! In fact, I really hate to pay over $20 for anything but jeans, dresses, and shoes! Let me show you a few of my recent clothing scores...

GAP tops... one was $6.99 and one was $8.00...yes, please!

Banana Republic Outlet dress... $8.00...If it's $10 or under and looks good, it's mine!

And...I even just got a pair of super cute Loft skinny leg jeans for $9.00

So, when I say that even entertaining the thought of owning boots that are so expensive gives me slight heart palpitations, you can see why! Even when I was in college and EVERYONE was wearing expensive designer jeans or carrying around Longchamp bags I resisted...not without constant temptation and trying to justify why I just NEEDED those things. But, I always came back to the same reason for not...I just couldn't bring myself to spend money on something I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to fit in for forever (the jeans...although that certainly would be good motivation to not gain weight) OR to buy a purse that was going to sit on restaurant floors (or worse!) and could easily get stained or messed up. BUT, with the shoe size isn't going to be changing ANYTIME soon and therefore would always be wearable, which is a huge reason why I am even considering. Let's weigh the pros and cons...

Pro's for buying Frye boots
1. Amazing quality and would last "forever" I've been told
2. Don't look like cheap, fake leather boots that are in my budget range
3. Technically I wouldn't be paying for them, they'd be a gift
4. I've never really splurged on anything in my closet (other than my Uggs, which are really a necessity when you have to stand out at car pool in the freezing cold weather EVERY day in the winter)
5. They look AMAZING

Cons for buying Frye boots
1. Expensive-- could get LOTS of little things for my present from Kyle
2. What if they get stolen or lost or messed up before I've had the time to get my money's worth (which would be 10 years of use?)
3. Could I find some that look just as good for cheaper? Like maybe they only cost $100-200 as opposed to $297?
4. Would I feel bad walking around in them knowing how much I payed for them?

So, the question is, my friends, to buy or not to buy? Or better yet, to receive or not receive!? Have you ever splurged on clothing or shoes and was it worth it!? Please help a sista' out!

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  1. Eek! Tough decision! Those are crazy cute, but crazy expensive. You know this girl loooooves boots, so I'm probably not the one to ask - hahaha! I'm sure you've tried, but have you searched for them on Amazon just to make sure they aren't cheaper anywhere else? The only "downfall" that I'd be worried about is, like you said, I'd be almost scared to wear them out of the house because they're so expensive. It rains and snows and gets muddy sometimes, so you wouldn't want to wear them on those days. Would you wear them to work? Are they comfortable enough? Just a few things to think about! They WOULD last a long time, though. Much longer than jeans or a shirt or purse. I have so many shoes (and boots) that hardly any of them show signs of wear & tear because I sort of cycle through them.


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