The one with two tornado drills in one day...


So, it's pretty much a teacher's worst nightmare...the intercom goes off telling you to go into tornado drill mode (like for real, for real) and it's only the 8th day of school! Yahhh...we definitely hadn't practiced that yet. Add to the fact that I'm in a totally new classroom and we were having indoor recess and you have one panicked teacher! Luckily, I had made my TA, who I call Whitey, check the emergency plans that morning because of how dark the sky looked, so we at least knew where we were supposed to go! So, we quickly split the class in half with me in the closet, one half with Whitey in the bathroom (I felt bad for sending her into the nasty bathroom...buttttt not bad enough to offer to switch!). My stinkin' lean pocket had just been heated, and I was one bite into it but I had to abandon it to get into tornado "position" on the floor. Did I mention that we have a bug problem in my classroom? And, honestly, do they even clean the floors in the closets? That would be a big fat NO! Of course I was wearing a skirt, so I'm all worried about flashing my underwears but then realize that my goodies were also hanging out from leaning over, so I just gave up! We stayed on that floor for 40 whole minutes! Can you just imagine 8-year olds in tornado position for 40 minutes was zero percent fun. And of course, they were just going nuts. One of them asked me for a tissue during the middle, so I work my way up off the floor and go get the box of tissues. Five minutes later, he has 2 tissues hanging out of his ears and is swinging his head around trying to make the others laugh. So glad I risked my life for that. And the best part...we got to repeat it again about 2 hours later for another 40 minutes. At least that time we were in the library for our "welcome visit" so we didn't have to suffer on the closet/bathroom floor again! Needless to say that was enough adventure for  me. I've accidentally seen enough butt cracks to last me a lifetime! No more tornado drills, please! 

And, I'll just leave you with my favorite quote of the day..."If you put your butt near my butt one more time I am going to jerk that necklace off your BLEEP neck!" Don't worry, this didn't come from the mouth of my babes...just one of the 4th graders down the hall! 


  1. Bahahaha! This happened to us on the third day of the school being opened back in 2008! No one had gone over emergency procedures at all, and I was brand new, and we were in the theater and couldn't hear all the announcements, so when my principal figured out we were missing he opened the theater door and boomed, "Mrs. Gee, you need to come with me!" I thought i was in trouble! Haha.

    Oh, and yes, say no to crack!! Loves!

  2. Sounds like insanity!!! I can only imagine how crazy the kiddos were going.


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