That's NC State Football Y'all!


Yay! College football has officially "kicked off" (cough pun intended!), and I am super excited because my brother decided to go in with Kyle and me to get season tickets to the NC State games! I know that this totally makes me the worst UNC fan/alumni of all times, but before I ever stepped foot onto that beautiful campus, I spent 18 years prior cheering for the wolfpack, and my heart will always partly belong to them! My parents both went to NC State, and that's where they met and fell in love! They've had season tickets ever since. My brother went to State. Kyle went to State. Three of my high school best friends went to State. And my brother-in-law goes to State. Pretty much, there was never any hope for me to not be a State fan! 

Every time I go to a game it kinda feels like home. We've been sitting in the same seats for forever, and there are so many other families around us who have been sitting there for years, too! I almost had a heart attack last night when I saw the daughter of the family who sits right in front of us. I remember when she was a baby, and she is full blown middle-schooler now! I secretly pouted for about 3-seconds thinking about how old I'm getting! There are so many traditions that I love at State games, like every first down the announcer says, "And that's a Wolfpack..." and the crowd yells "First Down" and motions in the direction we're going! And, can I just say that I think it's absolutely adorable how my parents still kiss every time State scores!

Last night's game was at 6pm, and though it started out hot as balls, by the time the sun went down, it felt amazing! State's offense was a little shaky at first, but the defense played great, and they pulled out a nice big W for their first game! And, I was also pleased to hear that the Tar Heels also whooped some JMU booty! See guys...there's enough room in my heart for both teams!

But, I have to tell ya...the highlight of my game were these 2 kids sitting in front of us who would go to town dancing whenever they played a song! I swear, I think they practice in their spare time! I died, over and over again! I finally decided to record them towards the end of the definitely wasn't their best ever (I mean, they had to be exhausted by this point!) but still pretty darn entertaining! Let's just pray they sit in front of us at every game! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!

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