Get me to the beach!


Hallelujah! It is finally starting to feel like summer, and I couldn't be happier! We had such a wonderful weekend with good friends and family that I couldn't not do a post about it!

Friday was our friend, Keith's birthday, so we met a bunch of friends for a night of Mexican food (yum!) and Mini-Gold (with a side of go-cart racing and laser, we're not in middle school, but we sure can act like it!). This group of friends has been such a blessing in our lives, and we always have the best time with them!

I can't resist these types of photos! Kyle feels differently...what a good sport!

Kelly's delicious cupcakes! Nom, nom! 
Happy Birthday, Keith! 
We rolled into Wilmington Saturday afternoon, and headed straight for the Yacht Club! It was an absolutely amazing day for the beach with the perfect breeze! The waves were super rough (red flag = my booty stays above the water!), but it was nice to just get my feet wet while Kyle and his brother, much braver souls than me, fought the crazy waves! We got in a nice game of Bocce and some good beach chair relaxing before heading in to get cleaned up for dinner! 

Taking advantage of having both families in town, Kyle and I decided that we would do a joint Father's day dinner so that both families could be together and we wouldn't feel torn about who to spend time with (which is one of only non-perks to having our families be from the same town).  Both sets of parents arrived, and we enjoyed cocktails and appetizers on the upper-porch, overlooking the beach. It was twelve kinds of perfect! 

On Sunday, Kyle and I divided and conquered, each spending time with our own families for father's day! I went to church with my Mom while my Dad went to do Prison Ministry, and then we had lunch with my grandparents at their retirement community! 

Granddaddy opening his card from my Mom!
Grandmother and Mom!
Daddy and me! 
Mom, Dad, and I went to go see Rock of Ages that afternoon (cheesy, but I loved it!), and then I rejoined Kyle and his parents for dinner in downtown Wilmington at one of our favorite restaurants, Circa! We had a delicious meal and a beautiful stroll along the river, capping off a lovely father's day!

I'll take a weekend like this any time! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Ohh, it looks like such a fun, relaxing time!! Love all the pictures!

  2. looks like a great weekend to me :) sometimes its tough to see all of your family on holidays after you get married... we had to do ours two different weekends. glad you got to see everyone!

  3. what an awesome weekend!! those cupcakes look so good!

  4. my sister and I went and saw Rock of Ages Sunday too! And you're right, it was tres cheesy, but still fun.

  5. Thanks so much for the follow!
    It looks like you had an exciting weekend, and those cupcakes look SO good!



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