Out and About!


When I'm not waking up at 5:30am every day, I seem to have a ton more energy...crazyyy, I know! Kyle and I are definitely taking advantage of "Summer Laura" by really being intentional about making sure we get out and about, exploring our lovely city, trying out some local "spots," and trying to be active together. And the best part is that not only are we having tons of fun, but it's also been super  healthy for our relationship! We all know that watching TV together on the couch isn't exactly what the experts have in mind when they talk about date night

We hit up a local brewery, Full Steam, which is just the coolest place ever. They have food trucks set up outset selling delicious pizza, ice-cream, and who knows what the heck else. You can bring your own food, buy from them, or just grab a beer while you park yourselves amongst the masses at one of their picnic-tables. You can bring games, play ping-pong, or just sit and socialize.  And if we had a dog, we could bring him too! Kyle and I got into a drawn-out game of Scrabble, which ended with me losing. Good thing he looks so cute when he's thinking ;)

2 of Kyle's favorite things...Scrabble & beer!
Probably why I lost...not a great selection of letters!

Last night we tried a new place called Geer Street Garden, which was just another place with such a cool atmosphere. Again, they had outdoor seating with long tables, and they just plop you down in the middle of one. We decided to be naughty and split something called "the Pile," and it was basically heaven on a plate. We had the best time devouring our food and playing the "question game," which is something we've been doing since high school..pretty much self-explanatory. Nothing fancy, but it's definitely been one of those special things in our relationship over the years! 

I have to say that these two dates are topping my list...as simple as they were! If only every night could be like these!


  1. haha, I literally just read about Greer Street Garden in this month's Southern Living! Looks like ya'll are enjoying your summer!

  2. Just found your blog.... I can not believe that you actually get up at 5:30 am everyday.... More power to you! I wish I had the self discipline to do that! haha


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