Florida Vacay-- Pit Stop in Savannah


I make no excuses for my lack of blogging these last few weeks. You can't blame me...If you were prancing around the happiest place on Earth you wouldn't blog either! Kyle and I just got back from a two-week vacation in Florida, and it's time for a little recap.

Don't worry, I'm not even going to attempt to cram it all into one post, so we'll start with our overnight stay in Savannah.

Just a little background story for you-- my dad's 60th birthday is coming up in July, and where best to celebrate that milestone birthday than at Disney World-- the one place that can always bring out your inner child! We decided to make a family thing out of it, and there was no looking back.

My last day of teaching was Friday, June 7th. We spent the weekend packing and getting ready for the trip and hit the road Sunday night for Wilmington so that we could link up with my parents for the looooooongggg drive South on Monday!

How does one pack for two weeks of vacation? Better question-- How does Laura pack for two weeks of vacation? Not lightly, my friends!
The back of Kyle's car before we left for Wilmington! I set the record with 5 bags!
On Monday morning, we crammed everyone's luggage in, squeezed into our seats and started our journey for Savannah, Georgia (so glad we broke the trip into 2 days!). 
Waiting patiently for Dad to finish loading up!
Ready to roll!
The ride down was not bad at all! We were all so excited and had lots to catch up on. Not to mention, I was equipped with my stack of books, my Sudokus, and my People Magazine Celebrity Puzzlers. Kyle had his Ipod. Dad had his radio. And mom had her head bob, which always happens when she falls asleep! 

We arrived safely and soundly a little before 5pm, which was perfect timing for an stroll before dinner!

Warm pralines...heavenly!
I had been to Savannah before, but it's just one of those places that never gets old!

Savannah highlights included:
Devouring the pralines my brother's girlfriend, Hanna, sent with us for our car ride
Finding out that said pralines actually came from River Street Sweet Shop in Savannah (hence, pralines could be replenished for next day's car ride!)
Walking around Savannah, especially the river front
Running through the rain to get back to our hotel
Dad making fun of Mom and me for having our "lightening rods," aka umbrellas, up as we ran
Watching the Brain Game on TV with my family before bed...lots of laughs, mostly directed at Mom and me, per usual!
Me totally botching up the pronunciation of Publix while on the phone with the nice sales girl at the Loft!

Stay tuned for Florida Vacay Recap on our adventures in the Happiest Place on Earth!


  1. The hubs and I did spring break just the two of us one year and we went to Savannah and loved it! I would go back in a heart beat

  2. Sounds like you're having a wonderful Summer! :)

  3. I loved Savannah when we went there. Did you get to see/visit Lulu's chocolate bar or whatever that place was??


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